Actually spelled Jeux Sans Frontieres with an accent grave over the first 'e' in Frontieres that I don't know how to produce in E2HTML. French for 'Games Without Frontiers.' It's a popular song by Peter Gabriel; there, the phrase refers to war, the game of nations, played without frontiers.

I had to fill this nodeshell because it came up in the Random Nodes nodeball while the song was playing on my computer, which is shuffling through a 1,500 song collection. Freaky.

Sakico: Nope, I too suffered under that cloud for some time. :-)
Also the name of a particularly Eurotrashy TV show (variously translated as "Giochi senza frontiere", "Spielen ohne fruhzawerbeitungenblattsauen" and so on).

In the game teams of people from the various buttholes of different countries (like Albenga in Italy and other places you have never heard of), take part in team games, that usually involve pools, ropes, trampolines, some poor bastard dressed in an inconvenient costume and nearly infinite amounts of foam.

They are probably the most inoffensive and uninteresting pap broadcast in Europe, even worse than Sanremo. Good only for very small children and people that have completely lost their wits to excessive masturbation.

The game hosts are usually an excessively energetic, white-toothed couple of total dolts that say things like "Oooh, the Czec Republic did really fine in the Race-with-cannoballs-tied-to-your-nuts ! But the Chingaburros team from Spain appears to be winning right now ! How exciting !".

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