British version of the (French? Belgian? I don't know) game show Jeux Sans Frontiers. Hosted by the thankfully inimitable Stuart Hall, it ran for the latter part of the 70s, most of the 80s and might well still be running, for all I know or care.

For anyone who isn't familiar, it featured games where one team, dressed as giant ostriches on stilts would have to limbo dance and tightrope walk around an assault course in order to throw coloured hoops into a bouncy castle, while the opposing team attacked them with water cannons and giant fluffy beachballs.

Sometimes construed as a hamfisted atttempt to lead Britons to view Europeans from different nations as real people, just like them, and do away with ugly stereotypes. Either the theory or the attempt is undermined by Hall's and Eddie Waring's commentary, in which these stereotypes were never far from the surface.

See also: Peter Gabriel's song: games without frontiers.

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