West Xylophone is a magical place that lives only
in a song and the imaginations of the people who
have heard it. It is renowned for being the only
country in the world which's name begins with a W or an X.


It supposedly borders Vietnam and Yemen. The existence
of a neighbouring East Xylophone is rumoured but unconfirmed.


Nothing is known about the economy of West Xylophone, its
only known export product is joy.


West Xylophonians are considered to joyful folk who take
great pride in being the only country which's name
begins with a W or an X.


West Xylophone is ruled by the TMBG
party, who, being the only political
movement in West Xylophone, are
primarily responsible for its isolation.

Foreign Policy

"To spread joy and laughter"

More information

Contact the West Xylophone tourism board.

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