Aftermath node can be posted here: FINALLY: Morally Bankrupt but Rich on Beads (the New Orleans gathering aftermath node)
I have been wanting to do this for ages. Now I have something that might be a central draw:

Voodoo Music Festival

When: Saturday October 27th, 2001, shows usually start around noon and last all day and most of the night. Tickets are ass cheap for all the acts you get to see, like $25-30, so it's fairly affordable. But if you want to go, buy the tickets online and have them mailed to you. This will save times in New Orleans lines, which take longer than most.

Lineup so far:

Black Crowes
Snoop Dog
Missy Elliot
G-Love and the Special Sauce
Better Than Ezra
Gov't Mule
John Mayer
Will Hoge
Brand New Immortals

Local bands:

Marva Wright
George Porter
Anders Osborne
Treme Brass Band
Bamboula 2000
Brint Anderson
Lil Rascals

You can keep track of the event as it grows and buy tickets online at

You do not have to attend the festival if you come for the gathering, but I was hoping that most who come will go. It's a lot of fun, and the band variety caters to a decently wide scope. There's plenty to do in the city if you want to wander off that day while we're out at the fest, and I have no problems having noders for a few days to extend the fun.

This is my proposition. Get here Friday, stay through Sunday. Or come for any combination of days on that weekend. We can pick people up at airports if needed. There are 5 noders in New Orleans already:


Suggestions on things to bring:

1) Sleeping bags, towels and uh, clothes. Just cause we take our shirts off around here doesn't mean you won't eventually need them.

2) A pair of shoes you wouldn't mind throwing away if they got too gross. These are what we locals call "French Quarter" shoes.

3) Camera, film. For anyone who's never been here, there's a lot to photograph.

I live only 2 blocks outside the French Quarter, so my place may be the homing beacon, though when we store noders in other locations, we will be spread out but not much.

The RSVP date for this gathering will be OCTOBER 15th. I will need to know before this date if you are definitely coming.


Staying with Templeton (brunch):
brassmule (brunch)
briiiiian (brunch)
ccunning (brunch)
cahla (brunch)
jethro_bodine (brunch)
Jurph and non-noder friend (brunch)
oenone (brunch)
panamaus and non-noder friend (brunch)
WonkoDSane (brunch)
zot-fot-piq (brunch) and roomie

Staying with aphexious (brunch) and BAR (brunch) :
C-Dawg (brunch)
Indra363 (brunch)
karmaflux (brunch)
m_turner (brunch)
NightShadow (brunch)

Staying with friends:
Li_Kao (brunch)

Staying with discofever (brunch) :
dann (brunch)
Dataknife (brunch)

Staying with Byzantine (brunch) :
Templeton (*snicker*)

Staying at a Quality Inn:

If anyone is flying in and has not seen their itinerary posted here, please message it to me, regardless of where you are sleeping while you are here! I will likely take Friday off to pick up da brood. Many are flying at the same(ish) time, so's I can scoop y'all up at once. I am picking everyone up at the airport, but you're on your own for a ride for departure (unless the other noders can take yer, and I gots to work Monday)

Also, if anyone has made hotel reservations for the gathering, please let me know if you are willing to store peoples only as a backup. Also, I got the money from peoples to do the brunch reservations. Brunch is reserved at the Court of Two Sisters for Sunday at 12:30. :)

Oh, I haven't mentioned this, and as if this gathering hasn't gotten complicated enough: to all those coming: If you are from a state that is not on my list for state fridge magnets I already have, and you want to make me extraspecialhappy, bring one from the airport or a gas station on your way. Yay for kitsch.

(10/25/01) Offers for monitors have come in. I actually need two, so this works marvelously. You guys are so awesome. You have no idea how much this helps.

(10/24/01) tandex and his wife just told me they will not be able to make it. This makes me very sad, as I was going to cook dinner for them when they flew in. They owe me a raincheck :). Apatrix wants to come and wants to know if anyone can scoop him up in Memphis. Anyone taking I-55/I-40 that can come get him? /msg me or him. We will have a space for him.

(10/23/01) Weather forecast for this weekend: sunny highs in the low 70's high 60's, lows in the mid to low 50's. This means that those walking around during the day will be warm but it's good to take a light jacket with you and at night you will want long sleeves. This may be a comfort to you Northerners :)

panamaus has announced that his non-noder friend and Medieval have a room at the Quality Inn, if there is a need to store noders there. /msg tandex for info. Does anyone have an extra monitor they would not miss that they could sell me? Mine's about to die, and I am broke. I can pay like $50-$75. I figure you guys would be the ones to beg, I mean, ask. Since Carson's using mine because his died, he could use one too. We suck.

(10/22/01) For those not going to Voodoo: Byzantine will likely not go, so you will have someone who can, like, show you other stuff to do. Also, we got two local newbies that may be joining us in the event that we sit still: sauth and shannonhubbell. Neat, huh?

(10/17/01) Update (again) Court of Two Sisters has extended our party to take 30 people. This should be enough for all to attend.

Warnings: 10/15/01

If you drive here, bring a club. Be prepared to empty anything of value (CD's, portable stereo systems, etc) from your car and keep it in the trunk or my place. I am not saying I live in the 'hood, but my house is one of two on the block that is not abandoned; cleaning up a neighborhood takes time and I'm on the starting end of it. Use common sense.

N'awlins pre-gathering phase III has commenced. All noders with no RSVP are to be located at the posh digs of discofever - mailing address to immediately follow.

The Sub-Basement of Solitude
1121 Ninth Street
Apartment B
New Orleans, LA 70115
phone number available on request, but it is preferable that you e-mail for further details

Notice that this apartment is furthest from the gathering; notice also that I have a roommate. Therefore, I will (and must) take the 'quieter' noders; this will not be a problem, as you'll doubtless be plumb-tuckered out by the time you reach my door every night. All I ask is that, if you decide to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of lunacy, pleased to do it outside, sir.

More information! I am now unemployed, so I volunteer myself be the main airport shuttle. (Here's a hint - Tipping ain't a city in China.) Also, this frees me up to be a constant Friday/Monday tour guide for those whose schedules extend past the party proper. So, if you want to drive aimlessly around the ghettos and projects of the Dirty South while a nattering nabob of negativity drones on and on about the widespread Victorian influence on the architecture of the shotgun house, and how that influences the dealings of the local drug trade, look me up.

There will also be cornbread. Dig it!

Addendum : I will be at the Voodoo Music Festival for three acts - Better Than Ezra, DJ A-Trak, and DJ Craze. Anyone who needs a ride is very much welcome.

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