Starting to learn the DJ arts at age 13 is an advantage , for sure. Being a child prodigy has its advantages as well. The only DJ to win all three world titles, (DMC World Champion 1997 , ITF World Champion 1999 and Vestax World Champion 1999) Alian Macklovitch has done more progressing of the turntable arts before the age of 18 than most other DJ's have done to date. He is an honorary member of the legendary ISP, and a active member in the hot-as-f*ck Allies Crew, along side current DMC world champion (2 years running) DJ Craze. A-Trak is famous for being very structured in his skratch practicing, cutting for 4 organised hours a day when he was learning! (Did I mention he won the first battle he entered, 1997 Technics/DMC DJ Championship’s Montreal eliminations?) Talent like this is rare, and any hip-hop head should look to the A-Train for inspiration.

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