This was your personal invitation (but is now a recap) to The Rather Mad, Slightly Priapic, Mostly Orgasmic, Lush-Filled, Absinthe-Driven, Teetotalers Warmly Welcomed Get Together AKA The First Annual Magnificent Maryland Renaissance Oktoberfest E2 Throwdown!

What actually happened.... Well, it's months and months later and etoile is the only one (that I could find) who has written this meet up. Lazy slackers we are! Who showed up: brassmule, Golem, a real cutie pie and a very sweet grad student, Toxick with his neato keen Curious George literary T-shirt, Deadbolt, Kensey, czeano, Nailbunny, Ground_Control, sleeping_wolf, MizerieRose who came all the way from Massachusetts to prove her coolness!

Sphere777, ThuperRanger, notorious daylog downvoter, dihudrogen_monoxide (I am pretty sure this is spelled completely wrong) who turned out to be a very bright and pretty noder, and of course the famous Brian_Feldman, who came as himself. There was some drinking, not a whole lot, (except by me, apparently) actually - it was a true geekfest. And some of us were quite underage, so no drinking there...SlightlyMadman and anamoly showed up near the bitter end, reeling in their drunken revelry and added some color to our festivities.

At one point there were several Palms whipped out and a techno-battle ensued. Much wandering took place - people coming and going, coming and going from the White Hart. Some of us bought shiny bright things from the various vendors, and food of course.

brassmule got terribly sick with some sort of flu, so got all kinds of loud obnoxious messages on his cellphone. I had a very, very fun time meeting and talking to all the noders, and I think most everyone else did too; why else would anyone stay for hours and hours? Sorry for the late slacker write up - please msg me if I left something funny out (I'm so sure I have!!) - dg

Not to be outdone by the Hollandaise VaporMeet or The Great Sydney Fraptabulous Everythingian Get Together, or the even more recent 5000 Miles to Graceland, but only 10 minutes to the Liberace Museum: An E2 get together, (neither of which I can/could make so I'm sulking) so I thought it about time some one organized a party for Maryland.

And since no one has done it for some time (at least, I don't know about it), I thought I'd go ahead and Nike it. And let's face, it, The Renaissance Festival is made for geeks. Cheap (but really good) German beer, wear Renaissance-y gear or not, underage or overage, every geek will fit right in. Lots of ogling for either gender to be had (men in tight tights with cheekstraps (oh yes), overflowing bosoms on the women (oh yes!))... Lots and lots of beer or mead or wine to drink... much flirting to happen here... orgies around the corner on the kiddie slide would be a good thing...

Definite Date: Oct 13 , Saturday, 2001

Place: Renaissance Faire in Crownsville, Maryland

Suggested Time: 12 noon (Renfaire runs 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Meeting place: The White Hart tavern, sort of in the middle of things. White Hart generally has the best beers and the comeliest serving wenches. You can stuff your tip right between their lovely breasts. Er - tip - that's money - your dollar bill . Er. Ahem. Speaking of which, I'll be wearing a pair of drumsticks (no, not turkey legs, silly, 2B's! in a strategically placed location on my person to help you find the drunken noders!

What on earth is there to do there? Well, personally, I just drink mostly, and stumble around. And flirt shamelessly. And of course, you can do the same thing - or you could watch a real live jousting tournament. Watch a sword swallower. Listen to some music. Climb a castle wall. Shoot some arrows from a bow. Buy a sword or a peasant shirt. Rent a costume for the day. Watch a shortened version of a Shakespeare play (very funny).

Cost of Renfaire: $15 for a day, but if you make arrangements with me in advance, (Paypal works) I can get you a discount ticket for $11. Beer runs $3 for microbrews, $2 for Rolling Rocks, $2 for mead or wine. Lots of different foodstuffs available, even for vegetarians. Ever had a fried pickle? Chocolate dipped cheesecake? Steak on a Stake? Smoked turkey leg? Here's your chance!

More info about Renfaire? Want to see some pictures? - check out

Directions to the Maryland Renaissance Festival can be found here or on the website.

List of Noders who are definitely interested in drinking all day and imitating Johnny Foxx, the sword swallower (so far):

yours truly**
Golem is coming - yay!
sphere777 is coming too! yippee!
Looks like Thuper_Ranger is going to make it after all!! yay!
And is bringing dihudrogen_monoxide and Brian_Feldman, maybe. Yay! And I hope anomaly shows up - she's so sexy!
etoile is going to make it!

List of Noders who will probably make it, depending on other hot dates materializing that weekend (you could bring them!) and how much gas is in the tank....

sigh. don't know if they're gonna be there. yet. It's Friday afternoon.

List of Noders who can't make it and are crying their eyes out in regret right this minute

jaubertmoniker cause he's going to Michigan instead
johnnyx, who will be in Sin City that weekend

List of Noders who want to make it or are pretending they want to come, but don't have a clue whether they can or not


** Are you traveling from out of town? How cool!! Us very cool earmarked noders have some sleeping space, at least sleeping bans, maybe even beds or couches for out-of-town noder/partyers.** Deadbolt lives five minutes from the shindig and has two couches available to insane maniacs with ID. He also is willing to ferry folks from airport or bus station if desired. drummergrrl is 40 minutes from said Crownsville. I have a car and can give rides to out-of-towners and in-of-towners if it works out. And Kensey lives in Manassas, which is about an hour from the Fest. Futon-for-two available plus floorspace, and will give car rides too. Kensey is apparently an awesome noder to stay with, as The Big K offers to fetch you from Dulles, TV/DVD, and internet access. Humph. I have a dog and four cats. And a Pentium II that is begging me to convert it to Linux. OK, OK, I will!!! Someday. Anyway. You have a place to stay, that's for sure. And a ride.


Sept. 12, 2001
/me misses Hermetic

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