N'awlins pre-gathering phase III has commenced. All noders with no RSVP are to be located at the posh digs of discofever - mailing address to immediately follow.

The Sub-Basement of Solitude
1121 Ninth Street
Apartment B
New Orleans, LA 70115
phone number available on request, but it is preferable that you e-mail discofever@mad.scientist.com for further details

Notice that this apartment is furthest from the gathering; notice also that I have a roommate. Therefore, I will (and must) take the 'quieter' noders; this will not be a problem, as you'll doubtless be plumb-tuckered out by the time you reach my door every night. All I ask is that, if you decide to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of lunacy, pleased to do it outside, sir.

More information! I am now unemployed, so I volunteer myself be the main airport shuttle. (Here's a hint - Tipping ain't a city in China.) Also, this frees me up to be a constant Friday/Monday tour guide for those whose schedules extend past the party proper. So, if you want to drive aimlessly around the ghettos and projects of the Dirty South while a nattering nabob of negativity drones on and on about the widespread Victorian influence on the architecture of the shotgun house, and how that influences the dealings of the local drug trade, look me up.

There will also be cornbread. Dig it!

Addendum : I will be at the Voodoo Music Festival for three acts - Better Than Ezra, DJ A-Trak, and DJ Craze. Anyone who needs a ride is very much welcome.