Daughter of the River God Cebren. Oenone had learned from Rhea the art of prophecy, and warned Paris not to sail to fetch Helen; but failing to persuade him, she told him to come to her if he were wounded, for she alone could heal him. When he had carried off Helen from Sparta and Troy was besieged, he was shot by Philoctetes with the bow of Heracles, and went back to Oenone on Mount Ida. But she, nursing her grievance, refused to heal him. Some say that afterwards she repented for not healing Paris and hanged herself when she found him dead, but others say that after having repented for not healing him she leapt onto his funeral pyre and burned to death. Paris & Oenone had a child Corythus who came to Troy to help the Trojans, and there fell in love with Helen. But Paris, having detected him and his aims concerning Helen, killed him.

-From The Greek Mythology Link, by Carlos Parada

Oenone was a mythical creature known as a nymph. The above story is the only legend she appears in, as far as I know. She has always struck me as a beautiful and tragic figure in mythology, as her wholehearted devotion to Paris is crushed in the much more well known beauty of Helen.
She also appears in the fictional erotica series by Elf Sternberg, "The Journal Entries". Ken Shardik rescues her from her self-imposed destruction and uses her in the creation of his ringworld.

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