The ontological state resulting from the absence of toast. Consequences of no toast (fr. non pain-grille) are evident in the subjective internalization of of outward toastiness, vis a vis post-structuralist theory in the realm of objective uncertainty regarding baked goods.

Note that no bread is not qualitatively similar; at the same time, the presence of non-toasted bread products, once considered the pre-toast state, does not in any way alter the truth-value of toast's existence. No toast occurs when 'toast' has a value of 0, that is, when it is false. The value of 'toast' pertaining to bread as such is 0.

The converse, however, is not always true. The bread value of toast is often, however, 1, but this cannot be relied upon universally, at least for the purpose of any serious inquiry in the field of phenomenological toastology.

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