Forthright and with vigor, one should not just leave the taste of soups alone to meander in and out of style. Rightwith the chef, should prepare their meal to be timeless and consistent so as to echo down that wanton corridor called time banging at every door.

Belike, the chef shall feel intimidated to act on his own chutzpah and therefore sometimes needs a recipe to make his gall rise to the occasion.

Hence the author offers that lovely posterity be the cause of existence at the time of the quantitative great stew list.

Maximum ingredients via ordered bullets (Large Soup Investment or LSI):

Rightwise, collect Boiling Water in a pan roughly larger than an ox yolk and prepare the Hydrogen Sulfide in your Friend and/or Relative. Do this by forcing the Hydrogen Sulfide down your Friend and/or Relative’s throat. Wait twenty minutes or until death. Then collect Hydrogen Sulfide with a potato peeler.

Verily, keep the Hydrogen Sulfide in a medium sauce pan until divagation turns you to your task.

Inconvertibly add the Burning Pitch and Chlorella Algae to the Boiling Water in one swift motion. The Boiling Water should turn as foul black as the blood around a snakebite. Mightily stir the water to maintain the thickness add Easy Cheese around the seventh cycle and let sit for upwards of twenty minutes.

Redound to your Hydrogen Sulfide and check it for fleas. Be supportive permanently if they exist. If not bind your time until they do.

Vexingly return after upwards of twenty minutes to add Unimproved Vegetable Matter and the Calcium Carbonate to the Boiling Water. The Boiling Water will instantaneously turn a chalky white creating Pure White Flour Substitute or PWFS. Set PWFS aside.

Masterfully disjoin the Salt Pan and mix in the Chopped Animal. Pour on the VDAEplus and recur in the regularly established order all the ingredients so that you are prepared for the next phase of your endeavor.

Faintly mix the Salt Pan, PWFS, and Hydrogen Sulfide in the medium sauce pan until smooth.

Eftsoons serves ten reasonably health humans and twelve kine. Does not serve unhealthy humans or kine above the number twenty.

Puissantly enjoy.