intense longing for an
undesirable acquaintance
with one who might do little more
than inflict the deepest of 
aching, hurt, pain upon my
fragile, fickle soul, torn so often
by words, the mere movement of
anothers lips frightens me now
lest they let slip that which would
sting this face with invisible but
b r u t a l force

i've tasted the sweetness that is
will always be, my desire pulls me
closer to those whom would leave me
tangled in thought, struggling, sobbing
inevitable, painfully soothing tears

        easily dismissed fixture
in a life i choose not to understand
i want only to be, for those who feel
as i have, as i do, my mind the refuge
for those tortured aching souls that 
fell before they reached my arms

i fell hard before i reached yours.
(it seems unfair that you should have to help me up)

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