Some people believe the taste profile of Evian water to be Sulfuric; and, since Sulfur is like rotten eggs that would make it quite undrinkable. It makes me wonder if this is a rather recent developement in Evian water, are they over-tapping their spring? As you may know, the deeper you go, the more and more sulfur content is in the water.

Soon is shall be: Evian water: official beverage of Hades.

Evian is a town in France on the southern shores of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). It's small town, and mostly a tourist attraction for its famous Evian water. While they put the stuff in plastic bottles, ship them to the States, and sell it for $1.69 each, Evian water is freely available in the town. A small, rather inconspicuous fountain at the top of a hill spurts out delicious water.

My aunt Shelley and her friends Marc and Kathleen, travelling around France in a VW vanhome, visited Evian and refilled their water stocks with the water. It soon came time to do the dishes, and, feeling somewhat bad for wasting it but having no other water, those dishes, in a perverse sort of yuppie bohemianism, were washed in the Evian water.

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