A vamperic dream, abeit a stupid one

I'm watching what appears to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the TV. There's one scene that keeps repeating over and over again:

There a guy who I don't recognise from the series who walks past a old dude1 who's a vampire. The old dude is about to bite him.

Eventually I start to concentrate on this scene2...

I'm transported to another part of the show. The scene looks like something out of a 70's cop show (by this I mean the fashion and the cars, also the way the scene looks like it's been recorded with 70's photographic film): the place itself is a isolated grassy/dessert field. It's daytime and the vampire's been on the run for sometime. His persuer is an old frail man who manages to pin him down on the floor with a breeze block.

To finish off the vampire the old frail man produces a device that can only be described as minature oil pump, (like the ones you see on the Texan landscape, bobbing up and down) except it has a sharp tip which is repeatedly stabbing the vampire in the heart.

I'm transported to a different scene, same 70's look and feel except now my focus is on a house that is devoid of windows, doors even paint. The kind of house that firemen would practise rescues in. The vampire has some how escaped and he's running up some stairs in the house.

Something stops him dead in his tracks and he's over come with sheer terror: The Pope and two of his arch-bishops are walking towards him. They haven't noticed him yet, so snarling he runs up a flight of stairs and steps out of a window.....

Which happens to be level with the ground outside. Then he runs around to the back of the house and peers through a window only to find out that the Pontiff and his boys are walking up the stairs. Again he snarls and after the Pope as walked past the stairs he jumps through the window and onto the staircase.


1He's been in a few movies as either a police officer or a mob heavy. He was in "The Firm" as a henchman.

2I'm pretty certain this is my first controlling/lucid dream.

  • I was in an electronics store. I decided to take a look at the rooms in the back, to see what was there. One of the employees took me to an empty room, and locked me in it. I tried to call my grandmother on my cell phone to let her know where I was, but the phone didn't work. I finally got through to her and let her know where I was, but then I managed to escape. As I walked out of the store, I yelled, "I'll never shop here again!"

    It occurred to me that I'd given my grandmother bad directions to the place, so I set out to find her. Three people on bicycles were chasing one another due to road rage. Wherever I'd go, they would follow. I feared for my own safety until they all crashed into one another, leaving me unharmed.

  • I was on top of a hill in a large grassy field. I was the only adult there. We were all supposed to roll down the hill and run back up. It was some type of religious ceremony. As I rolled down the hill, I noticed the children started to retreat to the top, even though they didn't make it all the way to the bottom. I kept going, knowing we were all supposed to go to the bottom. When I made it to the bottom of the hill, I started crying, because I knew God loved me.

  • Every room in the house was decorated the same; the walls were painted white, and the carpeting was a dark maroon. There was one empty room with a square of pink carpeting. The purpose of the room was to lock your significant other in it whenever he upset you. The prisoner was supposed to stand in the square of carpeting in the middle while the other person locked the door. I remembered that Erasure once recorded a song about this. (Note: Really, they haven't, but in the dream, I thought they did.)

  • I was looking at television sets in a store. There was a flat-screen set, and if I turned the set on its side or I turned it upside-down, the picture would remain right side up. The Match Game was on, and Jerry Seinfeld was on the celebrity panel.

I got into space carrier of some small faction.. This seemed like StarWars universe, but there was no Imperium or rebels at the moment, and the only battleground I saw during the dream was a ruined planet where the carrier headed. I helped this faction by joining their X-wing fleet, and after a skirmish against X-wings sent from other faction, I returned to the carrier to hear more about what was going on.. They told that great civil war had erupted on this planet, and because there was weaponry that could kill every living thing from the atmosphere, none of the three fighting factions could establish ground installations untill other sides were destroyed. This faction would have been destroyed unless it would have found this carrier, but there were two other carriers, so it was equal situation for everyone.. I decided that I could go to the planet to set up an automated ion cannon, so it wouldnt matter if they'd use the atmosphere weapon against it. I took an X-wing, and flew to the planet where high houses had only two opposite walls standing, most likely because of heavy explosions from one side. Dreams background music "Saturday descent to Mars" started, and I noticed two enemy fighters following me, but I dont remember what happened..

this one was a weird one for me, but not all too unfamiliar...

It's real late at night (or real early in the morning) and I'm outside trying to settle down a barking dog. Mist is all around the yard, dew hanging on the leaves, and even on each blade of grass. After getting the dog to go back to sleep, I headed back to my porch door. Before reaching the door, it opened itself up in front of me. Startled at first, I quickly had a thought of my neighbor being a ghost and haunting me. (in real life she died of an overdose a few days ago). I decided to dismiss the ghost theory, and proceeded to make for the porch door. From the porch there is still one more door to open, to get into the house, but right before I reach the handle, it opens itself up and then quickly shuts. Now I'm really scared. Now I'm SURE that there is a ghost. I was afraid that if it got into the house and I wasn't there that somehow it would infect my house or haunt me forever. So I ran into the living room to try and confine it. In the living room, I could see that something was there. It looked just like some kind of distorted air. Kind of the same as when you are using a grill and the hot air coming off the top makes the air look all bent and trippy.

I thought to myself that if I occupied it, it wouldn't have time to haunt me... so I started waving my arms all around and through it. It was like jello or something, kind of a thick substance, but still just air. The more I played with it, the more it moved around. Pretty soon I'm running around in circles flapping my arms all around trying to figure out what to do with it next. that's when I realized that the more I manipulated it, the more shape and form it was taking. I started moving my hands and arms faster and faster. And with each movement, it continued to look more and more like a person. After just a short minute, I could clearly see the shape and color of someones head. It was looking down, but just then it turned and smiled at me. To my complete surprise, it was my ex-girlfriend. This bothered me because A. I haven't seen her in a long while B. because I didn't want to think that she had died.

Although I was now worried about my old girlfriend, I started to relax and instead of blindly running around the room, we started dancing to some music that was suddenly playing in the background. So here I am dancing around with the ghost of my ex, and I look out the window, and see my present girlfriend approaching the house. I ran outside to get her.

"Jenn, I have PROOF POSITIVE that ghosts really exist!!" I ran over to turn the music down and explain, but when I turned it down, the ghost turned it right back up! She thought that was a little weird, but didn't want to believe me, because she really is afraid of ghosts.

At this time I started to kind of doubt myself as well, and the ghost was getting harder and harder to see. I noticed then that the air conditioning vent was open right above us. I closed it to make sure that the air from it wasn't playing tricks with my mind, and what do you think happens, it opens back up by itslef!

The phone rings suddenly, and upon answering it I here my neighbor asking me to call 911 because her husband is freaking out. I ran out side to get better reception on the phone (don't ask, I don't know why either) and outside, the whole neighborhood was going crazy! The house across the street was on fire and the people were running around in circles, my neighbor on the phone was in her yard running from her husband, and other people were walking around the street looking at all the shit going on. I turn back to look at my house and catch a quick glimps of the ghost going upstairs. Presumably to prepare for haunting.

I've been here before.

It's a cramped basement apartment. It consists only of a small hallway with 4 rooms coming off of it. In one of the rooms is a Polish Neo-Nazi, a huge one. I fear him. The door to his room is closed.

The two other rooms on that side of the hallway are completey painted, ceiling walls and floor, in a strange zig-zaggy pattern of orange and black, faintly reminisint of a tiger's stripes.

The final room, at the end of the hallway on the opposite side as the others is just a small utility room with a dirt floor. There is one of those tiny windows that basements have, up next to the ceiling at the far side of the room. It's open.

I run and jump up to the window, and pull myself through. And I've been here before too.

I am walking through a gigantic University campus. It's like the Garden / Greenhouse area off to the side of the University Center at the University of Guelph, only on a huge, sprawling scale. There are rows and rows of exotic trees and plants, white gravel pathways, small bridges over streams, stuff like that. It's the aftermath of a landscaping orgy of biblical proportions.

I see a few other people walking to different places. They have books; I don't.

This scene trails off, and I am now at Centre Mall in Hamilton, looking for my girlfriend. The mall is not quite the same as it is IRL. First of all, it's now 2 floors instead of one. And the stores are WAY cooler.

The Maze: I go into one 'store' with flourescent colours all over it. It opens into a small, brightly lit room, there is a sign to the right that says "Sam masks" and under it is a door, or panel or something.

I enter the double doors in front of me instead. I'm in a giant maze, everything is in flourescent colours lit by blacklight, although it is reasonabley bright in here, brighter than I thought it would be. I start to jog through the maze.

I encounter another person running through the maze; they are dressed in flourescent robes and a hood and they are wearing a mask like the one the killer in the Scream movies wears. I encounter a few more people running madly through the maze in the same kind of robes, all with the Scream masks. They don't try to kill me or anything, they just run around the maze in Scream masks. Pretty wierd. So I left. No problem getting out of the maze because I wasn't that far into it.

I continue through the much improved Centre Mall. In a few hallways, you get to play a game. Say, the hallway takes a corner, there are holographic displays that project zombies and aliens that are trying to attack you, and you have to aviod them, or shoot them with a pretend blaster. I think this is a really good idea because it spices up the whole shopping experience. The rest of the mall is like a high-tech amusement park / mall. It's so fun.

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