A vamperic dream, abeit a stupid one

I'm watching what appears to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the TV. There's one scene that keeps repeating over and over again:

There a guy who I don't recognise from the series who walks past a old dude1 who's a vampire. The old dude is about to bite him.

Eventually I start to concentrate on this scene2...

I'm transported to another part of the show. The scene looks like something out of a 70's cop show (by this I mean the fashion and the cars, also the way the scene looks like it's been recorded with 70's photographic film): the place itself is a isolated grassy/dessert field. It's daytime and the vampire's been on the run for sometime. His persuer is an old frail man who manages to pin him down on the floor with a breeze block.

To finish off the vampire the old frail man produces a device that can only be described as minature oil pump, (like the ones you see on the Texan landscape, bobbing up and down) except it has a sharp tip which is repeatedly stabbing the vampire in the heart.

I'm transported to a different scene, same 70's look and feel except now my focus is on a house that is devoid of windows, doors even paint. The kind of house that firemen would practise rescues in. The vampire has some how escaped and he's running up some stairs in the house.

Something stops him dead in his tracks and he's over come with sheer terror: The Pope and two of his arch-bishops are walking towards him. They haven't noticed him yet, so snarling he runs up a flight of stairs and steps out of a window.....

Which happens to be level with the ground outside. Then he runs around to the back of the house and peers through a window only to find out that the Pontiff and his boys are walking up the stairs. Again he snarls and after the Pope as walked past the stairs he jumps through the window and onto the staircase.


1He's been in a few movies as either a police officer or a mob heavy. He was in "The Firm" as a henchman.

2I'm pretty certain this is my first controlling/lucid dream.