At some indefinite time, a malady affects humanity. Upon waking, it seems like vampirism, or something out of Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, though it felt different when dreaming.

It seemed to move across cities and countries, following a definite path, but still struck people unawares. They ceased to be themselves. They became part of a common will and purpose. But most important, their touch was transforming.

I, or someone like me, is in an unnamed city, trying to escape this calamity, and not doing such a bad job. Until I meet a person, or he seemed to be, but was changed by the plague. What I see seems now to be more a wire-figure, thick strands of red and blue wire fashioned to look like a person--and so strong.

He grabs me. We wrestle. Somehow, his touch doesn't inflect me immediately. I try to convince him he can become the ruler of this city--they never think of doing that, but go blindly about their unknown purpose. I beg him to spare me, and take over the city by infecting everyone himself, instead of letting the infection happen randomly--and let me go.

We struggle in some kind of balcony overlooking a mall, or marketplace. We are together back to back. Suddenly, I flip him over me, down to the mall. I suppose I had convinced him.

I am able to escape. I leave the city.

I see the city. The transformed people are gathered, paying homage to him. But not for long.

In three months, the plague has surrounded the city from other sources, and the common, unknown purpose has redirected the citizens of the city away from obedience to my opponent. I don't know what happened to him.

I found myself at some kind of party where everyone was eating dinner, and watching bands perform on stage. I look to my left and beside me is my girlfriend. To her left is the curly hair kid from 'N SYNC. So I start making rude comments about how much I HATE heavy metal and how they are all a bunch of sissies... I'm talking to the 'N SYNC kid about it, but I'm really making fun of boy bands, not heavy metal. It didn't take him long to figure out he was the butt of my joke. He gets up, says, "I'll Show You!" and goes up on stage and starts running through one of his routines. this was a rather comical sight, as there was no music, just this kid flapping his arms around in circles, and turning his head left and right. He seemed to be over exaggerating everything, just to prove that he was REALLY REALLY good or something... I don't know. So I get up, and start to walk out, and he yells for me to stay, saying that I just HAVE TO watch the rest of his routine. He keeps whining about how unfair I am. Oh well.

I'm sure this dream stems straight from the fact that my girlfriend watched WAY TOO MUCH MTV for her own good... I'll have to talk to her about that. :)

~Walking down the sidewalk a young girl deliberately drops her Elton John sunglasses from up above a blue-gray concrete retaining wall. Looking into the mirrored lenses I can't see my reflection. I know she wants me to toss them up to her. I tell her No, I'm afraid they'll break. Setting them carefully down on the sidewalk explaining I'll pick them up later on my way home, I hide them under some leaves

~We stopped at Discount Tires so I can use the bathroom. Howard was being a rascal and drove off without me. Jumping into the car we race out of the parking lot to catch up. I remind myself to pick up the sunglasses.

~Sunbathing on the hillside of the schoolyard play ground I could feel the childens feet shake the ground as they ran by. It was so comfortable. The brooding girl in a forest green sweatsuit hugging a matching beanbag chair suddenly and furiously flung herself rolling around the beanbag as if it were a beachball.....downhill. She was covered in dust and dirt. Indifferent to her behavior, I'll have to set up a conference with her mom later.

~I do not think as much know I am.

~ Sitting at the top of the ladder the seat beneath me tips forward and sends us hurtling down the water slide. I grab the little girl around the waist to steady her. She was me and put her hands on the rails slowing us to a stop. I didn't want to get the densly papered ticket wet.

Are you in a hurry? inquired the little girl

No, I said with an acceptable demeanor

For 160 years I was in a hurry. She was very clear about that.

I was Abe from the Oddworld, and Kokkola had a severe flood. I had to sneak to other side of the yard because there were enemies standing on a pile of wood reaching above surface. I swum to the corner of my house, and dove on my back to see how far I was from surface all the time. I carefully got up to take a breath and dove back unnoticed, but before I could turn to my back, I had rose too close to the surface and my leg made a noticeable splash before I got back deep enough. I swum quickly, but soon noticed that they had sent a CAT (its not a codename, just a plain cat) after me! It ran on the grassy bottom, quickly like a torpedo, but I managed to catch it from its neck so it only managed to scratch my arms with its claws. I squeezed, but though I had expected I could chrush its head off with my bare hands, it was tough cat and I didnt seem to be doing any harm to it. My air was running out, so though I hadnt gotten behind the next house yet, I had to swim for the surface immediately, slowed a lot by a cat I was squeezing with my hands. Then, I dont remember what happened..

I came to school in my underwear. That's not too weird, but I was wearing Batman panties and I had on a gigantic hockey jersey and on the back it said Vladimir Lenin. All right! I was on a Russian hockey team.

There is a new grade at my school, the 15th grade, for those pursuing higher education, an engineering grade. And there were voting polls and such. And people were voting for me and my running mate, John Madison?

Then I had to go to academic team practice and everyone was playing soccer and when you got the ball, you had to answer a question. Heather or Debra, two teammates, got the ball and answered something about Pakastani rugs and Ben yelled out, "That's what they get for not living in Iceland like Bjork with 15 mountains!" So, angry at me, they kick me the bal, but it hits me so hard that I have to go to the hospital to get an artificial arm. And I get kicked off the team and my captain laughs at me and says, "NO CRIPPLED RETARDS!" And I'm crying until a ball hits me again and knocks off my artificial limb and I am allowed to play again.

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