• I was in an electronics store. I decided to take a look at the rooms in the back, to see what was there. One of the employees took me to an empty room, and locked me in it. I tried to call my grandmother on my cell phone to let her know where I was, but the phone didn't work. I finally got through to her and let her know where I was, but then I managed to escape. As I walked out of the store, I yelled, "I'll never shop here again!"

    It occurred to me that I'd given my grandmother bad directions to the place, so I set out to find her. Three people on bicycles were chasing one another due to road rage. Wherever I'd go, they would follow. I feared for my own safety until they all crashed into one another, leaving me unharmed.

  • I was on top of a hill in a large grassy field. I was the only adult there. We were all supposed to roll down the hill and run back up. It was some type of religious ceremony. As I rolled down the hill, I noticed the children started to retreat to the top, even though they didn't make it all the way to the bottom. I kept going, knowing we were all supposed to go to the bottom. When I made it to the bottom of the hill, I started crying, because I knew God loved me.

  • Every room in the house was decorated the same; the walls were painted white, and the carpeting was a dark maroon. There was one empty room with a square of pink carpeting. The purpose of the room was to lock your significant other in it whenever he upset you. The prisoner was supposed to stand in the square of carpeting in the middle while the other person locked the door. I remembered that Erasure once recorded a song about this. (Note: Really, they haven't, but in the dream, I thought they did.)

  • I was looking at television sets in a store. There was a flat-screen set, and if I turned the set on its side or I turned it upside-down, the picture would remain right side up. The Match Game was on, and Jerry Seinfeld was on the celebrity panel.