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Holy crap I haven't been on here for ages.

/msg bill

NN@ l xp- n C>++ H+ c e # d D++ p g++>++++ N 

It's a nice day to start again...

Special thanks to:

(in the manner of Minnie Pearl)How-DEEE!!!

Zot-fot-piq - Tandex - Jurph - ccunning - sane guy - Golden Buddha - Witchiepoo - Lucy-S - Borgo - jessicapierce - czeano - Void_ptr - Brainwave - qousqous - LadySun - Chris-O - dann - karma debt - jaubertmoniker - Walter - QXZ - thefez - Chiistua - Templeton - Katyana - dizzy - Cahla - WonkoDSane - radlab0 - cbustapeck - Pyrogenic - ailie - Ysardo - Spackle - panamaus - enth - kmcardle - Accipiter - ninjapenguin - Metacognizant - ideath - randir - Transitional Man - jarsyl - disgruntledwren - Dis - Chihuahua Grub - mordel - Anark - Apatrix - borgette - Cletus the Foetus - eien_meru - LaggedyAnne -machfive - Pint - Sparklemuse - Timeshredder - Two Sheds - Wiccanpiper

If we've met and I've forgotten you, /msg bill and I will add you to the list. Don't recognize me? I'm the chubby guy on the far left in the gray shirt in this pic: Also,

Bill Dauterive was here!

(I thought about posting this to the aftermath node, but it's getting a bit lengthy, so I figured this was a better place.)

First, I want to apologize if I came off as a bit aloof. This was my first noder gathering, and I'm normally extremely shy. Keep this in mind: in a situation where I'm in a crowd of seventy people, only a handful of whom I'd met before, my normal instinct is to run away in terror. Instead, I really tried to introduce myself to as many of you as I could. You're all intelligent, interesting, fascinating people, and it was a pleasure meeting all of you.

A few things I'll remember:

  • Zot-fot-piq's neigbors calling the gathering a "go-to-hell party". More than once.
  • Having one of the best seats in the house to the Node slam (which rocked, by the way--Walter has my sincere thanks), and having kmcardle lay his head on my lap.
  • Listening intently to ideath's vivid description of her flight, during which she saw many distant fireworks displays. It was like watching stars being born and dying...
  • Getting a little plastic ninja from NinjaPenguin. Thanks!
  • Just chilling out with some noders at Goodale Park.
  • Monkey Ball. 'Nuff said.
  • Struggling to put up the badminton/volleyball net with Zot-fot-piq and ideath. It's a good thing Bart's parents did most of the cleaning up before we got there, because we had a hard time putting that damn thing up.
  • Playing badminton with randir. Too bad the combination of too much beer, too many cookies, too much heat, and too much Bill Dauterive got me winded way too quickly.
  • Speaking of randir, he really liked the socks I was wearing.
  • qousqous walking up to me, removing my name tag, putting it on, then walking away without saying a word. I think he had ten name tags on at one point.
  • radlab0 walking up to me, smiling, and scratching my head without saying a word.
  • Finally meeting jessicapierce!
  • A new measuring standard: The Sharpie! (11.5 Sharpies=1 ideath)
  • Getting tickled and clawed at by dizzy's and Katyana's ferrets.
  • ccunning's and karma debt's wonderful dinner. I took a bite of one of the portabella mushrooms, and my knees buckled. I must know how to make these! (update: karma debt says re: yr h/n.. I'm glad you enjoyed the food!! To cook the portabellas like that, just marinate them in some balsamic vinegarette salad dressing.. and grill for a few mins on each side. Bon Appetit!!!)
  • Watching WonkoDSane blow huge bubbles, and seeing the pictures Accipiter took of them. They turned out really well. Go to Accipiter's site and take a look.
  • Doodling on the sidewalk with chalk. Someone came up, and asked about everything2. A future noder, perhaps?
  • Watching Spackle and Chris-O jam. I wish I'd known the songs--I would have joined in.

Date of Birth: May 8, 1974 (currently 44 years old)
Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio
Current residence: Grove City, Ohio (
Vitals: 5'10", 290 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes
Marital status: Married
Myers-Briggs type: INTP
Education: Recieved BS in Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University in 1997.
Occupation: Web & Lotus Notes developer at a major utility company since 8/97

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