I've been here before.

It's a cramped basement apartment. It consists only of a small hallway with 4 rooms coming off of it. In one of the rooms is a Polish Neo-Nazi, a huge one. I fear him. The door to his room is closed.

The two other rooms on that side of the hallway are completey painted, ceiling walls and floor, in a strange zig-zaggy pattern of orange and black, faintly reminisint of a tiger's stripes.

The final room, at the end of the hallway on the opposite side as the others is just a small utility room with a dirt floor. There is one of those tiny windows that basements have, up next to the ceiling at the far side of the room. It's open.

I run and jump up to the window, and pull myself through. And I've been here before too.

I am walking through a gigantic University campus. It's like the Garden / Greenhouse area off to the side of the University Center at the University of Guelph, only on a huge, sprawling scale. There are rows and rows of exotic trees and plants, white gravel pathways, small bridges over streams, stuff like that. It's the aftermath of a landscaping orgy of biblical proportions.

I see a few other people walking to different places. They have books; I don't.

This scene trails off, and I am now at Centre Mall in Hamilton, looking for my girlfriend. The mall is not quite the same as it is IRL. First of all, it's now 2 floors instead of one. And the stores are WAY cooler.

The Maze: I go into one 'store' with flourescent colours all over it. It opens into a small, brightly lit room, there is a sign to the right that says "Sam masks" and under it is a door, or panel or something.

I enter the double doors in front of me instead. I'm in a giant maze, everything is in flourescent colours lit by blacklight, although it is reasonabley bright in here, brighter than I thought it would be. I start to jog through the maze.

I encounter another person running through the maze; they are dressed in flourescent robes and a hood and they are wearing a mask like the one the killer in the Scream movies wears. I encounter a few more people running madly through the maze in the same kind of robes, all with the Scream masks. They don't try to kill me or anything, they just run around the maze in Scream masks. Pretty wierd. So I left. No problem getting out of the maze because I wasn't that far into it.

I continue through the much improved Centre Mall. In a few hallways, you get to play a game. Say, the hallway takes a corner, there are holographic displays that project zombies and aliens that are trying to attack you, and you have to aviod them, or shoot them with a pretend blaster. I think this is a really good idea because it spices up the whole shopping experience. The rest of the mall is like a high-tech amusement park / mall. It's so fun.