I got into space carrier of some small faction.. This seemed like StarWars universe, but there was no Imperium or rebels at the moment, and the only battleground I saw during the dream was a ruined planet where the carrier headed. I helped this faction by joining their X-wing fleet, and after a skirmish against X-wings sent from other faction, I returned to the carrier to hear more about what was going on.. They told that great civil war had erupted on this planet, and because there was weaponry that could kill every living thing from the atmosphere, none of the three fighting factions could establish ground installations untill other sides were destroyed. This faction would have been destroyed unless it would have found this carrier, but there were two other carriers, so it was equal situation for everyone.. I decided that I could go to the planet to set up an automated ion cannon, so it wouldnt matter if they'd use the atmosphere weapon against it. I took an X-wing, and flew to the planet where high houses had only two opposite walls standing, most likely because of heavy explosions from one side. Dreams background music "Saturday descent to Mars" started, and I noticed two enemy fighters following me, but I dont remember what happened..