this one was a weird one for me, but not all too unfamiliar...

It's real late at night (or real early in the morning) and I'm outside trying to settle down a barking dog. Mist is all around the yard, dew hanging on the leaves, and even on each blade of grass. After getting the dog to go back to sleep, I headed back to my porch door. Before reaching the door, it opened itself up in front of me. Startled at first, I quickly had a thought of my neighbor being a ghost and haunting me. (in real life she died of an overdose a few days ago). I decided to dismiss the ghost theory, and proceeded to make for the porch door. From the porch there is still one more door to open, to get into the house, but right before I reach the handle, it opens itself up and then quickly shuts. Now I'm really scared. Now I'm SURE that there is a ghost. I was afraid that if it got into the house and I wasn't there that somehow it would infect my house or haunt me forever. So I ran into the living room to try and confine it. In the living room, I could see that something was there. It looked just like some kind of distorted air. Kind of the same as when you are using a grill and the hot air coming off the top makes the air look all bent and trippy.

I thought to myself that if I occupied it, it wouldn't have time to haunt me... so I started waving my arms all around and through it. It was like jello or something, kind of a thick substance, but still just air. The more I played with it, the more it moved around. Pretty soon I'm running around in circles flapping my arms all around trying to figure out what to do with it next. that's when I realized that the more I manipulated it, the more shape and form it was taking. I started moving my hands and arms faster and faster. And with each movement, it continued to look more and more like a person. After just a short minute, I could clearly see the shape and color of someones head. It was looking down, but just then it turned and smiled at me. To my complete surprise, it was my ex-girlfriend. This bothered me because A. I haven't seen her in a long while B. because I didn't want to think that she had died.

Although I was now worried about my old girlfriend, I started to relax and instead of blindly running around the room, we started dancing to some music that was suddenly playing in the background. So here I am dancing around with the ghost of my ex, and I look out the window, and see my present girlfriend approaching the house. I ran outside to get her.

"Jenn, I have PROOF POSITIVE that ghosts really exist!!" I ran over to turn the music down and explain, but when I turned it down, the ghost turned it right back up! She thought that was a little weird, but didn't want to believe me, because she really is afraid of ghosts.

At this time I started to kind of doubt myself as well, and the ghost was getting harder and harder to see. I noticed then that the air conditioning vent was open right above us. I closed it to make sure that the air from it wasn't playing tricks with my mind, and what do you think happens, it opens back up by itslef!

The phone rings suddenly, and upon answering it I here my neighbor asking me to call 911 because her husband is freaking out. I ran out side to get better reception on the phone (don't ask, I don't know why either) and outside, the whole neighborhood was going crazy! The house across the street was on fire and the people were running around in circles, my neighbor on the phone was in her yard running from her husband, and other people were walking around the street looking at all the shit going on. I turn back to look at my house and catch a quick glimps of the ghost going upstairs. Presumably to prepare for haunting.