This dream was split into two, unrelated, parts.

The first part

This bit was pretty mundane. I was at school, with my mate Steve. I had to carry this large suitcase with me, back to my house. {This is no doubt due to me reading The dance of the voodoo handbag before I went to bed}. So, we both get on the bus, I'm dragging my suitcase along. We get into one of the villages on the way to my house, and suddenly I jump off the bus. Apparently my house has moved.

Not one to argue, I lugged my suitcase into my house, and made for the bus stop again. But the bus, surprisingly, wasn't there anymore.


So, I made my way back to my house.

The second (unrelated) part

This bit was quite interesting, what with the blood and the guns and everything. Me and a friend of my parents (male) were in the house, I was about to go to bed. Suddenly, a thought rushed over me, and this thought brought fear. I suddenly recalled that we had something very valuable in the house, something I couldn't let be stolen - it was the same something that was in that suitcase.

My fears were not unfounded. Suddenly, the "dream camera" switched to a man, armed with a .44 Magnum, entering the house via the front door. Camera switches back to me, I hear the door open. I hear him running up the stairs, and he points the gun into my room, round the door. He fires it once, twice - but neither hit me, it's far too dark for him to see where my bed is, never mind where I am. Suddenly, my parents' friend (we'll call him Bob), jumps down through the ceiling hatch, and wastes that mofo. I thank him, and lay back down as if to go back to sleep. "The danger isn't over yet," he says, and I'm rather scared at this point.

There's another guy downstairs, he's armed with a smaller pistol. He never gets anywhere near us though, because Bob shoots down, through my bed, through the floor, and hits him in the right cheek. The blood is terrible, and it spurts up through the hole in my bed.

And that's not all! Next there were three guys, all at once. They split up, one comes down the ceiling hatch into the bathroom. Little does he know that Bob was locked the door and turned the waterworks on full. That guy drowns. I remember thinking, in the dream, "Why doesn't he just go out the way he came in?". The dream camera switched to the tunnel he came in through, and pans over it, showing it to be full of water. So there's the answer.

The other two guys fled. Then another worry came into my mind "What's going to happen when my parents get back?" and "What the hell is in that suitcase anyway?" { Pulp Fiction's influence, maybe? }

Weird, huh? At least John Cleese wasn't in this one.

I'm in a an exotic country, maybe a futuristic city of Cairo? not quite sure, well anyway I'm with this guy friend, Ewan MacGregor to be exact, don't really know him, but he is my friend. There seems to be some action going on up ahead so we go to check it out. Suddenly there's these guys shooting at us, terrorist I think and then I run into Angelina Jolie, she's in her role as the Tomb Raider and she beckons for me to get into the car, while Ewan gets into a different one.

I get into a car with Angelina Jolie and my friend is in a car up ahead, we're chasing down this other car, or their chasing us and shooting at us constantly. I'm driving and the enemy swoops out in front of us from nowhere and I quickly tell her to duck while I pushed her down because they start shooting at us again. Angelina gets out her guns and is shooting but I tell her to switch and give me her gun and I'll shoot, while she drives. She does so and I try to start shooting, it is successful but rather hard because I'm like, "Goddamn it, my finger is too big to fit into the trigger" and it had the wierdest aim. I tell her "You have to get new guns girl." I finally shoot the tires of the enemy and the car goes swerving and we lose them.

Well since we're trying to get to a building and our car just kind of breaks down because it's been all shot up we get out and decide to run. On the way we run into some bosses that we have to defeat. Angelina takes on this really huge fat guy, though I think he was supposed to be Will Sasso and I'm supposed to take on Miranda Richardson who's dressed up like her Queen of Hearts character in Alice in Wonderland. Angelina tells me their special moves and it all starts coming back to me. Me and Angelina Jolie use to do this sort of stuff all the time, fighting people and getting shot at. I just haven't in a really long long time and I'm all out of shape for my skills. I tell Angelina "I'm screwed, Miranda only has to touch me once to inflict severe cuts and then use her power to leech the blood out of me." Angelina tells me "Not to worry we've fought these people before, can't you remember? Sure we don't win every time but it's fun!"

The fight begins, the first thing I do is play dead, well I tried to kill myself first so I didn't have to fight Miranda Richardson, she's too hardcore. But she sees through my trick and attempts to touch me while she's laughing evilly. I quickly jump out of the way and suddenly there's a crossbow in my hand. "Sweet!" Now I don't even have to get close to her, I just have to shoot at her, though it was still hard to move because you know, marshmallow feet in dreams. We win the fight easily for some reason and I feel embarrassed about whining about it before. We're in a dungeon like area now and we wander for a bit until we found a car, I drive and floor it out of the caves and we come into a city street.

Angelina directs me to some museum like building and we run upstairs. She says she has to get something, I follow her up and we're in this office looking room and there's these bones laid out on the ground. And this guy comes up to us, he's Egyptian I think, and he's like "can you guys guess what bones these are?" Apparently they had just excavated them and a new dig. Angelina Jolie and I guess for a few seconds. They guy use to be our teacher for Archaelogy and Paleontology. Angelina informs our teacher about me "She must have amnesia because she doesn't remember a lot of things and has forgotten most of the things that she could do, it's only been 5 years I don't think anyone could possibly forget how to do everything in 5 years and forget who they were," she says this frowning at me.

When exiting the building and walking down the stairs I see a guy I really hate, I can't really remember where I saw him last but I know I hate him, and he insults me, and I'm like "I can't take this anymore!" and I don't take the stairs but fly up to where the guy is, he starts running away. Angelina Jolie shouts "No!" and tries to stop me. My friends are outside and their wondering what the commotion is. They find out when a body comes flying out of a window and lands at their feet and I come following and continue to beat the guy up. Angelina Jolie had to pull me off to stop me and she just shakes her head. She says "I thought you stopped having your temper outbursts, I thought you said you could control it now." Boy did I feel bad!

Anyway it's going to be our last night in the city and Ewan MacGregor mentioned how he got a gig at some theater, they auditioned him once and wanted him. So he was like, if you guys can, come down. But he was only sure on the night of the show, he told me and my other friend but couldn't get a hold of Angelina. So I drive to her hotel and found her room, signed under a pseudynom. I informed her about the show and she got all dressed up and we left to watch Ewan MacGregor sing and one of my other friends do Opera? Wierd. Anyway the show is great and I drop most of the people off but I spend the night at Angelina's because I was staying in a shit hole room with our Paleontology teacher. All dusty and bugs. In the morning we all go our separate ways.

I see Angelina Jolie again in this restaurant type of place, I'm with another friend and we were eating lunch. This is after we all took planes to go back to our own homes, and mine was England, she told me she was going to the States but "Oh well". On the way out I stop to talk to her and she's like, I have something to show you, follow me. I tell my friend I'll catch up with her later. So I follow her and she starts talking about Barbies. She's all embarrassed at first but I'm like no it doesn't matter I'll go see them. Unbeknownst to me she was actually hinting to a large collection of Barbies. She kept trying to tell me she had like every single one. After that we headed out to another place my choice this time and I go to buy the PS2, I get the guy to pick it out and everything, somehow we're out in the streets and it's night time and Angelina is standing by the lamp post where there's light and I'm by the truck of the sellers. So I buy it and check my account it's like "you spent $550.00 you have $99,998,450 dollars left." I still felt bad about buying it and I told the guys if I could return it and they were like yeah. Angelina asks me why I didn't get it and I just shrug my shoulders.

I was in my old house, the one I lived in as an alienated teenager in a small, rural Pennsylvania town. It was the middle of the night, and I was up wandering the house, when I saw a cougar in our living room. I was scared as hell, and got my stepfather's rifle. (This is strange, because we haven't lived in that house since they were married, so we wouldn't have ever had a rifle there; my mother hates guns.) I checked to see if it was loaded, and slowly approached the cougar, which was on the staircase. My mother told me not to shoot it, but to approach it like a cat, with my hand out and no threat of violence. So, I did. I petted the cougar, and lured it into the basement; my plan was to kick it out the back door. But once I got it into the basement, it suddenly transformed into a young man about my age, wearing jeans and a white shirt, with sandy hair, like the color of the cougar. He said he was traveling the country, all over, from California to New York, and all over in between. He said I ought to join him, come with him.

Before I could, I suddenly found myself at an English boarding school. I think it was a boarding school--I had to wear a uniform, kinda like my Catholic school uniform. I was pretty damned excited, too, since it was England and all.

Wow...most nights I don't remember dreaming at all, and then tonight I get treated to three, yes, three dreams. Something about the weekends, I guess.

Dream #1: Perhaps to actually call this a dream is a mistake. It was more of a minute by minute analysis of the date I had with this girl the other night. Trying to figure out what she thinks of me, etc. Really, it's probably my brain trying to overanalyze everything, unable to cope with the possibility of a date actually going well.

Dream #2: Getting slightly more surreal now. For some reason, I'm at a party at my friend's house. There's beer, but not very much, considering how many people are at this party. The beer is just about gone when his parents show up. However, in one of the more odd plot twists in this dream, they aren't angry about the party, or the beer. Someone even asked them if they would buy beer for us, but they said they couldn't because it was after 1:00 am. D'oh!

Dream #3: Well, by now my subconscious has decided to throw reality right out the door. This dream was probably, in some ways, inspired by the stuff I was reading about the new movie, A.I. In this dream, apparently my school was taking part in some sort of simulation of the Civil War. I don't really know which side I was on, but that was partly because in this dream, I didn't really exist, exactly. Rather, I tended to switch between being different characters in this battle, which seemed perfectly natural at the time. Rather than fighting over control of the South, we were fighting over control of one rather complex building. I don't have any idea who won, but that's not surprising since I never knew which side was which to begin with.

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