Last night I dreamt about noding again.

Your screen waves and dissolves as you read this...

I had lots of good dreaming last night, although most of it is vanished, I know I did, because I remember remembering it when I first awoke... or was awaking... or was possibly still asleep. Perhaps I dreamt dreaming all these good dreams, or dreamt remembering them...

One of the lost ones was about noding. I was going to answer jderrida's reasonable argument about logic being interpreted as Aristotelian logic, when there are other kinds, no less "logical" in their own way, such as Freudian logic. My counterargument to this was to be (still will be if there really is such a write-up by that noder (ooh, there it is under logical)) that while it's true that there is a different logic to dreams and impulses of the unconscious, which may be deserving of a special extention of the term "logical", we nevertheless routinely characterize their peculiar character as illogical: it is their very illogicality, in the familiar sense, that makes them striking.

This went on to several related topics, where I did fairly good short nodes; the only one I can recall now is, I think, heta-logical, relating to a kind of women's discourse reinterpeting the interrelating concepts of logic and sexuality. The prefix heta was a deliberate amalgam of the metaphysical meta- and the sexually normative hetero-. (In retrospect it sounds quite useful, if I could work out how.)

Who's telling this dream, you or me? Yes I do bloody dream this stuff. I can't help it if my mind works that way.

Third dream, latter part. A scene as if from an adventure game: a young man, a Japanese man, very young and slightly airbrushed into near-Europeanness in the way these characters are. He could use the power of his mind to deflect his enemies. They were three; one I forget, but I think it was a huge Transformer-like machine creature; as the second was, a giant lorry or more the size of an open-cut mining machine but with aluminium drawers that sprang out all over it. This lumbered up to him and he tried deflecting it with his mental effort. The drawers sprang out and hurt him, and he recoiled.

Next came another strapping young Japanese man, holding two huge girders attached to his arms. The hero strained mentally and got biffed senseless by the girders. The villain now picked him up from the ground and showed her around the platform where they were: it was actually the roof of a factory.

He showed her around, looking down at the beauties to front and back. It was actually the normal rolls of barbed wire across the front wall of a factory, with the front and back yards full of scrap and weeds, but simultaneously it was a jewelled vision of natural beauty, thick and appealing like a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

I lay awake trying to fix this third part in my mind, trying to recall the earlier dreams, too tired to get up and switch the computer on or even get out a notebook to record them. I only had about ten minutes before I had to get up. I dozed, and dreamt the third one again.

I was at the movies or something. A gathering. There was a good-looking guy and we made eye-contact, but the dream did not take off in his direction.

Instead, I ended up in a car with a friend of mine -- not anybody I know in real life, but we knew each other well in the dream. She drove while talking on her cell phone; I held the torn envelope with the faulty directions and tried to draw them out more clearly as she dictated. We were lost, but she was clearing it up with whoever she was talking to.

It turns out we weren't going anywhere most people would know about. We ended up on a long road running through farm land, and then she turned off to the right. There was a loop like a freeway exit, only instead of taking you back over the road you came from, it took us under. We ended up in a passage under the earth. We were not in the car anymore, and there was a lot of water.

The height of the passage narrowed rather suddenly. We were in a kind of tunnel; it was wide and not all that cramped and there was a creek running along the floor. I looked at the water and noticed that there was also a trail of rather large nuts and bolts running down the creek bed.

In order to advance down the tunnel, we had to lay on our backs with our feet toward the bottom. We used our hands to grab onto the ceiling to give us leverage for sliding ourselves down. At the bottom, everything opened up and we saw a guy in blue shorts walk into a door that we wouldn't have otherwise seen. The nuts and bolts were everywhere. The guy disappeared.

We went in the door and there were even more large nuts and bolts. Indeed, there was all kinds of scrap metal piled up against the walls. I thought we would be rich if we took it all to a scrap metal yard, but we didn't.

Time passed; I know not how much. We were showing other people the weird room with all the metal. I was going to surprise someone with a birthday cake, but a rat had eaten it or something. Things turned awkward in that room under the earth, and they sort of fuzzed out from there.

I awoke to the sound of my rather rotund upstairs neighbor walking around, and the thread of the dream was lost...

Hmmm this was a bit weird cause I don't remember it wholly, but the parts I do remember, I remember with great detail. This dream takes on more of a role playing kind of theme.

It's a regular day, well actually night, it's dark and I'm playing with my dog on the front lawn (though I don't have a front lawn). I slip and fall as the neighbours walk by and I think I hit the side of my head into a pile of shit! My biggest fear! If I ever fell and landed on anything so horrid!

Okay so I wake up and there's this stain on my pillow and bed and I was like, what? I didn't take a shower before going to bed? Which re-affirmed me that I did fall into shit yesterday. Well anyway I start screaming with anger and this maid comes into the room. Where am I? I think to myself. Well I order her to take my sheets and wash them and she does so dutifully (I haven't had a maid since I was 7). I then hear Dance Dance Revolution music playing and walk out into the hallway, which at this point the house turns into a giant stone castle, I find my way downstairs and it was a false alarm. My sister and friend are sitting on the couch and talking, I touch the tv and it's still warm and the DDR mat was hastily put away in a corner. I guess it wasn't a false alarm after all! Okay also to state, I didn't take a shower but I'm magically clean and all changed.

They start touching some of my stuff and my sister holds up this thin stone black card, about the size of a regular envelope and I quickly take it from her saying that it's mine and she shouldn't touch it. She says it isn't and attempts to take it back but I quickly take this giant suitcase, those silver ones they use in movies all the time, but wider and it's black steel and enter a secret code, it opens up and I slide the tablet into a small compartment which it perfectly fits into. Somehow the suitcase is where I also keep my snowboarding boots, 98 Airwalk Freerides, the ones that cost me $229.00 and are black because they didn't have it in tan for girls. Now they are high tech and I put them on and immediately feel empowered. I then get a call on my cell phone from someone that there's a meeting at the Pig Whistle Inn (it's in the Dragonlance series, in the town of Solace), and I have to get there in less than 40 tics (in MUD that refers to time). I fill up my beer barrel with water, get some food, and my boots turn on to make me fly, I also remember to grab my leather jacket before I leave. (Now it's turned into Arctic Mud, a game I use to play frequently and was part of the Blood Sea Pirates that turned into the Cabal after we merged with another clan, I think it was the Circle of Blood, I don't know what they turned into now. But it's a clan, I also use to be part of the Knight's of Solamnia with my first character).

Okay my trip is pretty quick because it's a regular run I do, I'm coming straight north from Palanthas (refer to Dragonlance again) since it's my home base. Okay so I arrive go to the inn and there's a secret room that I never noticed before and in it is a giant holograph or whatever projecting table and we all sit around it. Big and round enough to accomodate us. The leader turns on a video of what happened lately:

On the screen it shows me, another guy, and a chick fighting this mummy, well I don't join in at first I wait and contemplate about it. There are a lot of people around too clearing the zone of mobs. I see the girl flee out with the guy and then I go in to fight the mummy. I eventually kill him, though wounded, but the girl heals me. The guy opens the chest and gets a rod (we've been trying to pop this forever because it gives you strength + 1 or something). Anyway the guy is like "Yes, finally" and takes this notebook I have and uses it to write his own shit. I get angry and ask him "What are you doing? You've ripped one of my pages!" He's like "Chill out, it's only a page, I'm going to keep this book." I get mad and decapitate him when he turns around. End of video.

I smile, the leader is like, since you've done that I think you should go into hiding for a while, starting a clan war. I'm going to send you off to a castle of a friend of mine. He's a minotaur. So I go and meet the guy, he's huge, intimidating I guess. Then I see someone familar. Sir Kazu, a Knight of Solamnia I met a long time ago, I've always envisioned him as a minotaur, though he was a human paladin. He doesn't have horns though, but the guy takes both of us into a secret room and shows us just born babies, weird looking ones, and then shows us 5 different ways on how easily they can die. We were actually both pretty disgusted by this. Anyway we're wondering about what the old guy is trying to get at, so he finally reveals it to us:

I'm just trying to explain it to you what it's like to be a different person. Well to survive and then have something come up in your life. You see bla bla bla... (My friend starts growing horns, end of explanation). Take a look at yourself in the mirror Kazu who do you see? Your horns are crooked, one turns upward, the other downward, you are the reborn prophecy, our saviour. You must flee now before the present ruler finds out or you are dead. Flee with Moraine (my name when I was in the MUD with the Cabal clan) now she will protect you.

So we flee, but not before I call my lackeys and we go to Balifor and find some trouble there and battle soon ensues. A massive clan war, mainly the people were after me. Bleh.

End of Dream I wake up after 4 hours of sleep. Yay me!

I saw My Gold Fish in my dreams again - funny thing, she and I were ball dancing in food court of some mall without any music or any sound of other people talking. But we both were laughing and talking and dancing slow all around.

We were talking her future plans, her career. I woke up mid dream at about 3:00 am and couldn't really go back to sleep. She looked so happy and beautiful. I've seen her after a long long time, 3 years(?), maybe more...

I can't drive a car yet, and a lot of my dreams seem to revolve around me driving. I'm not very good at it though, and the brakes never work. In this dream, I was trying to park the car just down the road from my school. My mum was in the car with me, and was rather uoset about my lack of driving ability. The shit really hit the fan when I failed to apply the handbrake, and the car began to roll backwards. This wasn't very surprising, but what came as a real surprise to me was when I saw who was in the car parked behind to me.
It was none other than John Cleese. He wasn't too pleased with my driving ability either, and was quite vocal in saying so. My mum recalled how he had once reported her to the police for poor driving, and advised caution. I took it, and the car was parked.

Later on, I was talking to my mum again. She revealed that today she'd cycled to work. On the way, she said she'd run over John Cleese. Cut to me seeing this happen. Dream ends.

I dreamed that Stealer's Wheel song, "Stuck in the middle with you". I just was sitting at the counter at a diner, listening to the song for the entire dream. Then, the song ends, and this big Biker guy sitting next to me (I haven't noticed him yet) turns to me and says very politely, "You know they're Canadian."

And I wake up.

First remembered dream in a long time. And it is, as all my dreams tend to be, completely forked up.

My parents' house. We go to my old room. We lay on my old bed. We begin doing what I've been thinking about for quite a long time; this is very strange. I seldom have detailed dreams, and I never have sexual dreams, so this is simultaneously weird and fun. I think it was at least partially lucid -- I knew I was dreaming, hence the feeling of novelty, and I think I was directing what I was doing.

And then the next time I look up, the object of my affections has turned into someone completely inappropriate. The dream is no longer controlled by me. I continue the motions, even the talking, while I'm filled with revulsion. I wake up.

Altogether disturbing. I hate my brain sometimes. Perhaps the crappy beer I had tonight will treat me to better dreams than the stout did last night. One can only hope.

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