Mmmh... For once, a totally relaxing and nice dream I remember; though I can't recall most details. For most of it, I was on my home's sofa embracing a friend of mine.

We didn't move or do much (except when my brother wanted to sit down in the sofa), neither we said anything. Apparently, she wanted to thank me because I had worried about her dog, Nushka (who is recovering fine by now). What a wonderful thank you, methinks.

Update no one is going to read, anyway: Nushka died some time ago, from the illness she seemed to be ok at that time. She was quite old. I had only seen her one time, but I feel quite bad, as she meant a lot for my friend. Rest in peace.

I was driving around with my friend, untill we saw a classmate of ours driving a cool american car (with fish fins and everyhing!), so we followed him. He soon noticed us, and accelerated to leave us behind. I accelerated too, but when he made a handbrake turn to an alley, I thought he has a reason to hide from us so I followed him. His car cleared the way from thrashcans and stuff, so we could follow him easily, untill the alley ended to a highway. He made another handbrake turn and continued on the wrong lane, but I drove over the grass area between the lanes and soon got to his side on the right lane. Dodging the cars slowed him down a bit, but when he noticed that I was still following, he turned again to a sidestreet. The street led to a sandpit with pieces of road and tunnels placed all around seemingly irrationally. He had gotten someway ahead of me, and when I got to the place, he had already passed the maze so I had no hope of catching him. I and my friend got out from the car and cursed, but I dont remember what happened then..

In the next fragment some of my relatives had a large painting of a count in our family tree, and they wondered how his eyes looked so strange. I remembered a painting from Gabriel Knight 3, and asked my relatives if the painted glimmer in the count's eyes was in fact a miniature picture of part man, part Holy Grail. At first they didnt understand what I was saying, but when I asked them to look at the painting, they got so scared of the change I was right, they refused to even watch it anymore. I despised them, and felt hope of being something greater myself..

In the third fragment I was in a forest, and I had gotten to the chrashed, partially even burned american car my classmate had been driving earlier. It was parked next to a tiny hut, so I went in to investigate. No one was there, but since I had no way away from the forest yet, I decided to wait a while and make the hut habitable. First thing I decided to do was to kill the huge bugs buzzing at the window, so I grabbed a fly swatter from the wall and hit a 4cm bee with it. It didnt die, but fortunately it didnt get the idea of stinging me, so I tried to beat a 3cm hornet for the starters. I struck it down to the floor and beated it franctically, but with no effect. At that time I noticed an even larger, blue bug with big wings those made equal voice to my car's engine, and it was coming towards me! I ran, and remembered that it was "Blue Silver Hornet", and its sting could cause extreme pain and/or death. I got into the american car and closed the windows before trying to start it. For my suprise, it still hardly worked, so I got to the sand road going past the cottage and drove away from the infested hut. I lost the bug, but soon the engine broke permanently so I had to abaddon the car. I walked someway and noticed my classmate sitting on a stump, holding his broken leg. I dont even remember what the dissention between us was, but when he thought we'd have to fight, I told him that we were stuck in the middle of the forest, so being hostile at each other wont solve anything. He was suprised by my thought, but there was nothing to keep us from being cooperative, so he told that there was a fortification nearby, and that he didnt have the keys for the main gate. I thought that I was more creative than him, so I helped him up and we headed for the fortification..

We got to a abaddoned-looking military area, with one large building and a chain link fence around the yard behind it. There was a hill nearby, so I thought about flying in by breaking from the gravitational pull (This is getting clished in my dreams!), so I climbed to the hill and ran some speed on top of it before jumping at the downhill. I floated head-on towards the fenced area, but I seemed to fly over it though I tried to stop. I had just gotten over the fence when I decided to lower my legs down to start falling, and after having dropped few meters I tried to return to the flying position, but though my falling slowed, I splashed into shallow puddle on my hands and knees. I got up annoyed, but then I noticed that some soldiers captured my classmate. I didnt have time to do anything, because they soon captured me too..

We were gotten to an escort of prisoners, but quite suprisingly was that there were only about four guards, but a lot of sexy nurses in mini-skirts! The walk was quite pleasing, but my suspicions rose when we arrived to an asylum. One of the prisoners told that the nurses were here to keep us pleased so we wont try to escape, but since they were just for eye-candy, I knew I'd have to escape. When we got in, some of the prisoners were injected with something, most likely to keep them high, so when one of the nurses came to me, I angrily complained that someone stinged me at the door, and thinking I was already taken care of, she left me. Soon I was asked to the leader of the asylum, as he was waiting at my new room. He started a stopwatch and asked me to make the bed, but after screwing up several times, 100 seconds got full, and he said that I'll have to do 100 push-ups later. I was supposed to be given drugs, so I hardly reacted on his comment. It was already evening, so I was left alone to wait for the nurse. I looked out from the window and watched the fence outside, wondering if I could break through it after breaking the window. After all, when a window brokes, I'll most likely get guards after me, and they'll notice I've been avoiding my drug dozes. The nurse came with a long needle, so I gave her a tired smile and asked "Is that the same stuff the other nurse gave me few minutes ago, because it gives me so surreal feeling..". She didnt want to overdose me, so she left, but I knew I couldnt cheat them forever. After the nurse left, I crawled prone to the doorway and looked around the dark corridor. Above me behind the door was a security camera, and I thought about running behind the corner while its turned another way, but I thought that there might be a camera behind the corner as well. Then, I woke up..

I am in my kitchen, about to lock to door. It is time for everyone to go to sleep, but I notice that it is early morning and the sun is up. There are people outside hula hooping in the driveway, using sanders, raking leaves. I decide to check to mail.

I am about to close the door when two very badly dressed men enter. They smell like Old Spice and they have slicked back hair that is longish and curling at the nape. They are both wearing brown pants and yellow shirts, rolled up over their arms, a multitude of gold bracelets nestled in the hair.

“Isn’t this 231 Gordon Street.” The gooniest one asks.

“No!” I tell them. I am in my jammies and pretty uncomfortable. I want these guys to leave, I call out for my husband.

“We are here for the piano”; they shove past me, looking around.

“I don’t have a piano”. They looked and looked, refusing to believe that I was telling the truth.

Presumably under orders from my dad
Stepmom chased me through a robotic library
with secret offices inside the stacks
while on the radio Ringo Starr described the political situation
responsible for my persecution.

tricia has my pajama pants and she's wearing them. i want them back.

i know this node is very short, but since i stopped noding my dreams, i stopped dreaming, so i'm trying to get back into the flow.

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