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I know I'm insane. You can stop downvoting this one.

A random fragment:

I was having an exchange of E-mails with my friend about cars. I told him what sort of cars my family had...

I had asked my family to give me the other car, because I wanted to spend the summer travelling around the country. They agreed.

On my trip I stopped in one city and went to a small hotel. They seemed to only have shared 2-person rooms at first... I thought I needed to ask them if they had smaller rooms.

I had taken off my shirt, and had carried my bags to one of the rooms. There was someone there already, so I decided to get my bags back to the corridor. Random utterance from people in the rooms: "Cartoon characters are blue." I wondered if they meant blue as a color or as an emotional state. (Hmm, I didn't knew I dream in English some times...)

This chain of hotels was interesting: Even when they were very cheap, they still had stuff that were not in more expensive hotel chains: Every hotel had a "theme" of their own. This one had sea theme. The corridor had ship- and fishing-related stuff on the walls (nets, anchors), one big stuffed swordfish, and small glass cabinets full of different sea creatures, all neatly arranged.

I was late for college and wanted to have a shower however, the shower instead of being in the bathroom which is where in real life it sensibly is, it was in the kitchen, just behind the door.

So I go in to have a shower. The kitchen though does not have any curtains so I flick the light switch off. But it does not go dark. A new lightbulb has appeared so I switch that off too but another new one appears and another and more and more switches keep appearing all around the room.

Then my flatmates, Rob and Sharon come in. Sharon has cut her hand and wants to wash the blood off but I scream at them to "Get out, I'm trying to have a shower." And I end up in a furious shouting match with Rob but I win and they leave.

So I continue trying to turn out the lights but it doesn't go dark.

my dad calls to yell at me about my cellphone usage. he's mad because he knows i used up my minutes for the month and i made a phone call, anyway. verizon called him to report me.

Me and a really beautiful, wild-looking woman of some kind are escaping through the woods on horseback. I'm not sure what we're escaping from exactly, but I'm not particularly worried about it. My father is following us, but he's driving a 4-wheel-drive mini-van full of old people.

We hear another 4WD vehicle overtaking us, so I turn to the princess and say, "Where is my long sword?" And get ready to try to fight off the truck while she and my father escape with these senior citizens. She shrugs, but opens a bag she's been carrying and gives me a massive pair of shears with a quizzical look on her face--as though she has no idea what long sword I'm talking about.

The driver of the other vehicle (which is also full of old people), who happens to be an Arab, tries to run me down and laughs cruelly. Then he somehow drives his car through the open door of my dad's 4WD and narrowly misses our old folks--an affront that enrages me.

I run through the woods and manage to get ahead of him, leaping from a small ridge onto the roof of his car. When he stops to let the old people out to take photographs and rest (it's some kind of tour, apparently), I jump down and put the point of the shears against his throat.

I lead him back down the trail towards my dad and the princess, holding one of the blades of the shears against his throat and dragging him in a headlock. I am seething, and begin telling him that he is going to pay for nearly killing me. On the way back, he begins begging for his life, telling me about his children, and crying miserably. By the time I get to the clearing where my father's charges are wandering around in a daze--almost as though they have alzheimer's--I am starting to feel sorry for him. He's a cruel bastard, but I'm no longer sure I want to kill him.

My dad, the princess and I discuss bringing him to the King, who can pass judgement on him. The princess points out that if I murder him here in the woods, I will be outlawed, since it is the King's right alone to kill. I look at the wretch, and feel horribly guilty: I held the shears so close to his throat that they've sliced a large, bloodless hole in his trachea.

I wish that I'd never gotten involved. I'm going to to responsible for taking another human being's life, and no matter how flawed and mean he may be, I don't want any part of it.

So I'm walking up the hill to my house, and I run into a bunch of old friends on the way. I remember Cathryn and Roz specifically. Probably John and some others as well. Just a bunch of old blokes from California, really.

We all get to my room, though I don't remember actually entering the room. You see, it had been replaced with my dorm room (with the windows oriented similarly). And there we all were, watching some TV and just generally having a jovial time.

I was sitting in my chair at my desk, craning my head around to be able to see the screen. Cathryn was sitting next to me. There's no chair there, so she sat on the floor. [I wonder if that means something?]. She said "hold me" and I joined her and we hugged and it was really nice [but I feel really guilty about it now]. And we're right there right next to each other and she whispers "what would happen if we..." wake up.

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