This is a Metanode for the REAL games of childhood, not all the stuffy fake ass games that took their place in adulthood. I will be happy to tell the world where they can jam baseball, basketball and football if only given the chance. These are the real deal folks, the games that are actually fun (and related nodes).

Though these are mostly traditional children's games, nearly all of them can be twisted into a form that will amuse a bunch of energetic or silly adults.

Names and rules vary depending on location, and particularly on the country. The games I have noded are based on English versions of the rules that I grew up with. Please add the versions that you know.

chase games and tag

following commands games hiding/finding games identity games puzzle games miscellaneous games

see also:
verbal games metanode for counting and clapping and rhyming games

Games children play. I'll be focusing on primarily on group games, but I hope to expand later. Feel free to /msg me with suggestions. This is part of the Playing games metanode project.

Running, Jumping, but not Standing Still

Maybe not Running, but still Reasonably Active

Sitting Down (mostly)

Minimal Action

Pool or Water Games

Sports, and Games you played in Gym Class

Baby Games

Other Metanodes:

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