A game played by children aka Annie Annie Over.

The game is played with a medium-sized ball (similar in size to a volleyball, often a plastic or rubber air-filled ball. It is usually played around a house or garage or building low enough in height for the ball to be thrown over.

Players form two teams, one on either side of the building. Team A throws the ball over the building shouting 'Eeenie eenie aye over' as they throw. If the ball fails to go over they yell, 'Pigtails and try again." If the ball does go over, Team B tries to catch it before it hits the ground. If they do, they run around the building and try to hit one or more of the players from Team A.

NOTE: With the ball! Hit them with the ball. You can't just slug the first player you see coming around the corner. Jesus, let's just beat each other with hockey sticks and call it a game.

Team A tries to avoid being hit while making it safely to the other side of the building. Players hit or tagged by the ball join the other team. The game continues until one team has lost all of its players.

While there is a National Dodgeball Association (NADA), I have yet to hear of a National Eenie Eenie Aye Over Association.

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