a.k.a. Ship's Captain

A crazy running around game, very energetic, with lots of quick response.

One player is chosen as the captain and all the others are the crew. The crew are required to carry out the captain's orders, and if they do so incorrectly they are out. The captain is always right. It's the rules.

The orders usually include the following, although there are variations

Port: everyone runs to the left hand side of the room or playing space.
Starboard: everyone runs to the right.
Bow: everyone runs to the front of the 'boat'.
Stern: everyone runs to the back.
Hit the deck!: players have to lie on their stomachs on the ground, as fast as humanly possible.
Attention on deck!: all the players must stand to attention, salute and yell, "Aye, Aye, Captain!" They may not move until the Captain gives the folow up order, "At Ease." Anyone caught moving is out.
Scrub the deck: all players should drop to their hands and knees and pretend to scrub the floor.
Up Periscope!: players must lie on their backs on the ground, and stick one leg in the air. The last to comply may be called as out.
Sick turtle: all players lie on their backs, and wave their hands and legs in the air.
SHARK!: all players must find a safe space off the ground. The last to get to safety is declared out and eaten.
The love boat: players must pair up, and dance around the playing space. Anyone caught without a partner is out.
Crow's nest: players need to pair up, and one should leap onto the other's back, piggyback style, and gaze out across the horizon. Anyone left as odd one out or the last pair to get into position are out.
Three men in a boat: players need to form into groups of three, hook arms, and sing "Row, row, row your boat". Anyone left outside of a threesome is out.
Row the boat: players form pairs, and sit on the ground facing each other, pretending to row. Anyone left without a partner is out. Or, anyone who is deemed too slow is out.

The game is over when everyone is out, or when all the players are falling over with exhaustion. A particularly evil or devious captain can wind the players into a frenzy in minutes.

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