head-soft, thoughts slow, sinking into warmth floating in the red it's over. too many days, places aren't always hard to find you'll sink if it means rest, for once. pillow stolen away i wasn't paying attention that is what it is like without you. we're all very sorry you can't stay here we'll be happy to help you find your way out but i know how to get out, i know. no one is holding arms across chest, restraint, it's not like that, we love you, we just don't know how to help you anymore. we know what is best for us, we only have you going away in mind. do you understand? of course, of course.. only small things survive this sort of fall, only the smallest.

it is where you are, five days, away from the sky water it's just too cold, it is nightmares and no body to hide beside anymore. it really is scary, really, that's all.. just afraid, these days.

Dreamless Sleep

To bed and rest
After logging the hours
Toiling under the whip
Sweating the day away
To make a minimal wage

To Bed and Respite
Waking instantly,
or seemingly so,
Moments after you lay yourself down

To bed, to the arms of Morpheus
and not to dream
of better things
is a cheat

Ex*haus"tion (?), n. [Cf. F. exhaustion.]


The act of draining out or draining off; the act of emptying completely of the contents.


The state of being exhausted or emptied; the state of being deprived of strength or spirits.

3. Math.

An ancient geometrical method in which an exhaustive process was employed. It was nearly equivalent to the modern method of limits.

⇒ The method of exhaustions was applied to great variety of propositions, pertaining to rectifications and quadratures, now investigated by the calculus.


© Webster 1913.

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