Squeak piggy squeak is a good game for excitable children, or drunken adults who want to wriggle around on each other's laps.

Simple premise: one person is blindfolded. Everyone else sits on the floor, or on chairs, in a circle. The blindfolded person is spun around until disorientated, and then has to find a lap to sit on. Once perched on the lap, they shout "squeak piggy squeak!" and the sat-upon person must oink, squeak or squeal.

The blindfolded "it" must attempt to recognise the squeaker from the squeak. If successful, they change places. If not, off they go again, to find a more identifiable squeaker.

It is, of course, permissable to distract the blindfolded lap-sitter by poking them in the ribs or tickling the hell out of them.

see: blind man's buff

Gratis Life Advice: If involving adults, this game is best played with the least possible amount of homophobic males present. Participants who are of a more rotund build make excellent squeakers but terrible blindfoldees. Excitable adolescent males should not be a piggy - the proximity of a grown woman to their groin can have unfortunate effects. During the "sitting" action of the blindfoldee, care should be taken to ensure that the disorientation of said blindfoldee does not result in catastrophic crushing injuries.

fun variation: play while nekkid!

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