The coolest game on the playground. Period. End of Story.

This game is a mild variation on the game Duck, Duck, Goose, which is played by a bunch of wusses. (Very similar to american football and baseball) A buncha kids sit around in a circle, one is "it", they walk around patting kids on the head saying "duck", "duck", then when they say "goose", the kid has to jump up and try to tag the guy who made him a goose, if they run around the circle, and the guy who was it makes it back to where they started, and sits down, he's safe. If he is tagged he has to go sit in the middle, the mush pot. The game goes on until everyones out or you get bored.

Now, duck-duck-moo is very similar to this.

The main difference is the club that the person who is "it" carries.

This is an old style club, big hunk of hard wood wittled to have a handle of sorts. The person walks around the circle of kids, lightly (barely at all) bopping them on the head saying "duck"... When he says "moo", he drops the club, and runs for his life. The new person who is "it" picks up the club and chases him down, beats him unconscious, and then drags him into the mush pot. The game continues.

The only way for the person who was it to not be beaten unconscious is for the person beating him to tire out before catching him or making him unconscious. If this happens, the old it person gets to sit in the circle, and the tired out wuss goes around. The game continues. This goes on until you have one victorious person with a very bloody club, and one hell of a story to tell the police. This game is best played quickly, as if anyone gains consciousness, they need to have ample bodies piled onto them so they can't move.

The male gender used in this story because i believe a woman wouldn't be stupid enough to do this.

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