A nice remote town in the Mexican state of Morelos, its main attractions is it's Ice Cream shop, called Tepoznieves (now in Tijuana also), its beautiful mountains, and a beautiful Aztec temple, on top of the mountains. The town is about 20 minutes away from Cuernavaca and around 2 hours away from Mexico City. It's about 30 minutes in a bus from Oaxtepec.

It is also famous for protesting against the 'Club de golf', project. The government wanted to destroy the farmer's land, and make room for a golf course. The government promised that jobs would come of the golf course. But the people of Tepoztlan had heard that thousands of times and were tired of the lies. The entire town protested in the streets, and after a great struggle, they threw out the government of Tepoztlan, and became a socialist society.

"There were no people fighting on the streets, everybody got along well, boys and girls stayed out on the streets all nights. Nobody stole, because there was no poverty, and there was no problems." Aida Rios.

After awhile, the Mexican government tried to come back into the town and reclaim what they thought to be theirs. But the people resisted, there were cries of "Go away, we do not want you here, we are better off!". People were shot, people were killed, and people were viciously murdered by the Mexican government. But their spirit still remained strong. So strong, that the government, had no choice but to block off Tepoztlan from outside contact.

But still they managed on their own. They fought and fought; the people joined together and patrolled the city boundaries, all the night... But one day, one fateful day, all of that ended. By means of man's greed. People accepted cash bribes, and let the government back in.

Recently, the Zapatistas came to Tepoztlan to congratulate the people that bravely fought the government. Because it was a battle that was won, it said; "We will not let the government control us in every aspect of our lives. We will not let the government, keep us on a leash..."

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