A water park in Mexico, 30 minutes away from Tepoztlan, and 20 minutes away from Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos. The park is a little smaller than Disneyland and it features 4 large water slides, but they aren't as fun as they look! They are segmented poorly, and they will cut your back if you go down them more than 10 times. I went to this park 6 weeks ago, they are officially scars... They are the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Be careful if you go here! Don't ride the slides too much!

The water in the pools is almost 4* more chlorinated than in United States water parks, and some of the deepest pools are around 8 feet deep. Trash floats to the top of some of the pools, but most of the park is relatively clean. The Ice-cream of course, is overpriced, just as it is in the United States.

They also have a wave pool, that sends people who get hit by the wave back around 3-5 yards at a time. Which is interesting when there are around 100 people in there.

Now, this place probably sounds really bad by now, but there are several good points:
1.The Waterslides are more fun if you are going on one of the faster ones. At several points you even get airborne.
2. There are free inner tubes offered for one slide, everybody with a bleeding back is there so that slide has a long line, which may, or may not take your mind off of your bleeding back...

On a more interesting and controversial note: The several kids’ pools all seemed warmer than the grown up pools.

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