A fun chase game, similar to grandmother's footsteps and red light, green light.

One person is nominated to be the wolf, or it, and stands at one end of the room or playing space. All the other players start at the far end, at least 15 feet away from the wolf. The wolf should turn his/her back on the players.

The players should shout out, in chorus, "What's the time, Mr Wolf?"

The wolf turns around, and calls out a time, "two o'clock!". At which point the players all take two steps forward. If six o'clock, six steps, and so on.

The wolf then turns around, and the players call out "What's the time, Mr Wolf?" once more. When the group starts to get close, the wolf changes tactics. When asked the time, he yells out "DINNER TIME!" and starts chasing the players, attempting to catch a straggler before they all escape back to the start line.

If the wolf catches someone, that player becomes the new wolf. Otherwise, the original wolf goes back to time keeping.

The version I always played had the final answer to "What time is it, Mr. Fox?" as "Midnight!" rather than "Dinner time!"

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