A game played in my former grade school. It typically involves throwing a football around, and whoever has the ball is the queer. The object: knock the queer around.

This game is usually played by young males shy of brainpower and having an excess of energy and testosterone.

Also used as a term to describe the physical assault of someone based on sexual orientation.

We played this game a bit differently. It was basically like dodgeball, only the players all lined up against a wall (the side of the school at our playground). Someone was chosen to start, and he had to throw the ball at people standing on the wall. If you managed to catch the ball, you got to go up and start throwing it. If you got hit, well you got hit...

Really, I never understood this game seeing as there isn't any objective other than to try and see how hard you could hit people with a hard rubber ball. I'm surprised they actually let us play this at school...

The beauty of this unfortunately-titled game lay in its simplicity. There was only one rule:

1. Tackle whoever has the ball as hard as you can.

Why would anyone pick up the ball, you ask? To show how tough you were, naturally. The art was to throw the ball away at the last second when you were about to get tackled. If you threw it away too early, you were called a pussy.

Somehow this game used to keep us busy for a good half hour at a time.

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