The Official IOC Rules for Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake:

  T    C     R     C    L  C   B   C
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker Man, 
  T  C     R   C   L       C   B   C
Bake me a cake as fast as you can. 

  R'           B'
Roll it, Mark it with a 'B',
     P                      B"      M
and put it in the oven for baby and me

B: high five with both hands
B': grab the baby's hand write a 'B' on the palm with your finger
B": put your hands on the baby's cheeks
C: clap your hands
F: with your palms up, slide your hands forward
L: high five with the left hand
M: put your hands on your own cheeks
R: high five with the right hand
R': make the basketball travelling sign (spin your hands around each other in front of you)
T: slap your thighs

Note if you time it right, the P-to-B" transition can be made in one seamless motion. You can slide your hands forward and grab the baby's cheeks immediately.

An unofficial variation for B" is to tickle the baby rather than caress the baby's cheeks. This is an excellent way to cause infectious laughter.

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