A chaos symbol is a symbol which is created out of random placed dots. Now you're probably wondering, "how can it be chaos when it forms a symbol?". Well, this is because the placing of the dots is determined by a random factor, in this case, a die. The rolling of the die causes the chaos, and the chaos forms the pattern.


Let me explain how you can make such a symbol:

First, assemble some things that will help you create the symbol. You will need a piece of paper (or cardboard, or whatever, as long as you can write or draw on it), a pen and a normal die (you know, a cube, 6 sides, with a few dots on each side. Do not use one of those funky dice that gamers use, so no D4, D7, D12 or D817. Just use a normal D6).

Draw a triangle on the piece of paper. Each corner has to be 60 degrees. Well, they don't really have to be 60 degrees, but it looks a lot better. For the best result, turn your paper in such a way that a horizontal line is on top, and the triangle points down. Write the numbers 1 and 2 next to one corner (on the outside please). Write 3 and 4 next to another corner, and write 5 and 6 next to the remaining corner.

Got that? Ok, here we go.

Draw 1 dot anywhere inside the triangle. Anywhere. It doesn't matter where, as long as it is inside the triangle. This will be the starting point. It doesn't have to be a large dot. It's best to use small dots because that looks better, but the downside is that it takes a lot more dots to form a shape.

Roll the die!
Now place a new dot between your first dot, and the corner which has the number next to it that the die shows. Place the dot exactly in the middle, so the distance from your new dot to your old dot is the same as the distance from your new dot to the corner of the triangle.

That was easy, wasn't it? Let's do it again then.

Roll the die!
Place a dot in the middle between the dot you last placed and the corner with that number in.
Ok, now you're catching on. Repeat rolling the die and placing a dot between the corner with the number you've rolled with the die, and the last dot you've placed.

I know it will take quite a while, but you'll slowly see that there is a pattern forming.
If you have some programming skills, make it on your computer. The result looks pretty cool. I built one a few years back in Turbo Pascal in 30 minutes, but unfortunately I lost the source codes.

There are other Chaos Symbols too. bertilak pointed one out to me at http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/41a/41a30.html

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