Bachelor chow is what Fry from Futurama eats almost every day. It looks sorta like a cross between cereal and dog food, and evidently it's good with milk.

My cousin Tom knew someone in college who made his own version of bachelor chow. I think the ingredients were something like this:

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook until done, or a little more. Serve in the pot with any available utensils, ideally a spork or chopsticks left over from last week's chinese food delivery.


Arstechnica made this little pdf file a while ago called "Bachelor Chow," which was supposed to be the single guy's cookbook. Unfortunately, I find almost all of the entries to be rather lacking. Here are a few of my own recipes:

Egg Ramen

Yeah, yeah, yet another ramen recipe. This is a simple way to make a boring bowl of ramen more interesting.


  • One package of ramen (I prefer oriental style but any should suffice)
  • two eggs

While the ramen is cooking in the saucepan, scramble the two eggs in a bowl and drop it in during the last minute.

Cheese, Macaroni, Cheese and Cheese

I don't particularly like powdered cheese much, I would much rather have the real thing.


While the macaroni is sitting in the collander, add about 2 tbsp of margarine in the pan and let it melt. Add a little milk, and then start putting shredded cheese in. I put a lot in, it's up to you. When that whole concoction is melted together, add the macaroni and stir together. Add in the powdered cheese (for flavor, texture, and the fact that it seems wasteful to throw the thing away). Enjoy!

Omelet O'Brien


  • One Bag of potato's O'Brien
  • Four eggs
  • Butter/Margarine
  • Shredded cheese (do you see why I buy in bulk? :)

Throw a couple of tbsps of margarine into a frying pan and let it melt. Add in as much potatos O'Brien as you want (the whole bag if you're hungry). Cook until the potatos are lightly brown. Scramble the eggs in a bowl, and drop them in with the potatos. Mix until the eggs are cooked, then put them on a plate. Sprinkle shredded cheese on the top. Enjoy!

These are my favorites, I would love to see recipes from other noders!

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