Risotto is a complicated dish that takes some time to make and constant attention. What I have here is a substitute that still takes a while to make but only requires about five minutes of attention at the end. I have made some very complicated recipes in my time but this one is for when you're feeling extremely lazy but still want something delicious and don't mind cheating wholesale.

Serves 1, multiply as required.

Ingredients: Remove the seeds and peel from your pumpkin and dice it up. Lay it on aluminum foil (fold the foil to cover it) and put it in the oven on 250c for an hour. Wait until the pumpkin is done before continuing.

Wash your rice lightly and put it in your rice steamer with enough water for your steamer, you know your steamer better than I do.

Once your rice steamer dings, set it aside for a moment.

Put the pumpkin into a blender and let it get chopped up a bit (but not puréed), add the pine nuts, nutmeg and pepper and blend a bit more.

Add the oil to the wok, heat lightly and stir around to coat as much of the surface as possible.

Add the rice to the wok and stir a little before adding the stock and wine and increasing to a medium heat, when you're adding the stock, keep an eye on how liquid the mix is getting, if it starts to get soupy, hold off on more stock until it reduces (since we might not end up adding all the stock, get your priorities straight and add the wine first). Add the peas.

Transfer the blended mix to the wok.

Chop up the green onion and add it to the wok too.

Stir around a bit and keep simmering for five minutes until slightly reduced.

Traditional risotto is usually garnished with shaved parmesan cheese at this stage though I haven't yet bothered for this recipe. I'm sure it would be fabulous.


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A photo of this recipe can be found here.

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