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51 Watchmen (review) JD writeup
52 Watchmen (review) ZoeB writeup
53 Watchmen (review) The Custodian writeup
54 Wilson (review) JD writeup
55 Witchblade (thing) Snicker Furfoot writeup
56 Wonder Woman (review) lizardinlaw writeup
57 Actors who have played Bruce Wayne / Batman (person) artman2003 writeup
58 The Amazing Spider-Man (review) JD writeup
59 The Avengers (review) JD writeup
60 Batman Begins (thing) droidguy1119 writeup
61 Batman Begins (thing) mfishrules writeup
62 Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (review) JD writeup
63 Batman: Under the Red Hood (thing) chickwiththeface writeup
64 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (review) JD writeup
65 Captain America: The First Avenger (review) JD writeup
66 Captain America: The First Avenger (review) The Custodian writeup
67 City of Scars (review) JD writeup
68 The Dark Knight (review) Heitah writeup
69 The Dark Knight (review) Auduster writeup
70 Guardians of the Galaxy (review) JD writeup
71 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (review) The Custodian writeup
72 The Hulk (thing) jeremycec writeup
73 The Incredibles (thing) Lord of Nothings writeup
74 The Incredibles (thing) Zach writeup
75 Man of Steel (review) JD writeup
76 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (thing) BadmanX writeup
77 Power Girl: The Classifieds (thing) Jet-Poop writeup
78 Spider-man: Homecoming (review) JD writeup
79 super (review) JD writeup
80 Kick-Ass (review) JD writeup
81 Kick-Ass (review) Rainey writeup
82 Kick-Ass (review) Uberbanana writeup
83 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (review) rootbeer277 writeup
84 Superman Returns (thing) Habakkuk writeup
85 Superman II (thing) ApoxyButt writeup
86 Superman III (thing) ruxxell writeup
87 Superman III (thing) RalphyK writeup
88 Superman IV (review) rootbeer277 writeup
89 X-Men The Movie (thing) musicaljon writeup
90 X-Men The Movie (thing) Quizro writeup
91 X-Men The Movie (thing) ApoxyButt writeup
92 X-Men The Movie (thing) bitter_engineer writeup
93 X-Men The Movie (thing) WWWWolf writeup
94 X-Men The Movie (thing) eav writeup
95 X2 (thing) BrooksMarlin writeup
96 X2 (idea) Cap'nSalty writeup
97 X2 (thing) althorrat writeup
98 X-Men: The Last Stand (review) The Custodian writeup
99 X-Men: The Last Stand (thing) Walter writeup
100 X-Men: The Last Stand (thing) mfishrules writeup

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