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Hi, I'm Brianna. I watch movies, make movies, read books, and... well, I don't write books, but I do sometimes write stuff on this website. If you want to get to know me, send a /msg! I don't bite.

my Twitter is here

Some stuff I wrote:

I don't feel gayMargaret WeisMoney Can't Buy Happiness
arylcyclohexylamineGrandma Got Run Over by a ReindeerChzo Mythos
trapMama Noodle Indexdifferent

A handy list of reviews I've written:

Across The UniverseLove it or hate it; very flawed.
AdventurelandYou should see it at least once.
A Goofy MovieOne of my personal favourites.
AvatarCondescending garbage.
Chasing AmyCould have been great.
Grand Theft Auto AdvanceThe worst GTA title, but still not too bad of a game.
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasBad story, but a great game nonetheless.
Harry Potter (movie series)Not perfect, but still a lot of fun.
Kick-AssStarts good and gets bad.
Lars Attacks!My least favourite of the main MC Lars albums, but still good.
Little Blue MenSome bad design, but good overall.
Lost and DeliriousBadly conceived, but powerful if you can relate.
Make It GoodOne of the best IF works I've ever played.
MisfileBetter than you'd expect.
The Graduate (album)Really good.
The Social NetworkGood movie, but very overrated and dishonest.
This Gigantic Robot KillsReally good.
Time StreamerSurprisingly fun; a big inspiration to me.
Urban DeadOne of the best browser games ever.