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Chuck Palahniuk had it all wrong: poetry is masturbation

You're like Frosted Flakes, baby, you bring out the tiger in me (I will use this line on a chick someday).

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    VOTE CTHULU Why settle for the lesser evil?
    Quote of the Week (make that year): "My dad passed away the year before and I didn't have anybody really around, so I really latched onto him when I was a kid." - Optimus Prime, a member of Ohio's 5694th National Guard Unit, on why he legally changed his name to that of the leader of the Autobots Transformers.

    Bluedragon, you rock!

    Node Books!

    My favorite book is: The Brothers Karamazov
    My favorite poet is: John Donne
    My favorite movie is: Field of Dreams
    What more do you need to know?
    Quick rant: I hate politics, because the truth is impossible to find in politics. In politics, every side has an opposite take on everything. And since any media is biased either to the left or the right, no one knows what the truth is. I also hate its divisive properties. Among friends, politics can become a major issue of contention; this happens because for some reason there is this universal need to examine your beliefs and then draw an imaginary line in the sand that makes you a Democrat or a Republican. Let the silly arguments begin.

    Oh, BTW, to anyone who remembers capnsalty, that was me. I got banned for saying dannye was elitist behind his back. I later went on to say some stupid things. I apologize to all involved. I still think E2 is a bit elitist, but it's so cool! You can't have everything - pun not intended, but I'll let it stand.

    And if you have a problem with one of my nodes, contact me. A downvote tells me nothing; in fact unless the downvotes come like crazy I probably will just leave the node as is, and you will have had no effect. Correct me, tell me what I've missed, help me out here.

    Messages from my fan club:

    re Adaptation: This is the worst review I've ever seen. You seem to have missed the point of the movie entirely.
    (Next message from the same user): You missed the point of the movie entirely.

    One more thing, here's the node that eventually led to my downfall, which I am posting because I'm HARDCORE like that. The spelling errors are left in because my friend was the one who put it on paper, and he can't spell.

    Federalist suckas

    Fedralists are bustin' down on us,
    Pressin' that Constitution so dangerous,
    Don't take that junk,
    It's mucked-up bunk.
    Stand fo' yo' rights,
    Fight the good fight!

    There stupid laws are whack!
    Them damn federalists are on smack,
    Word up motha,
    James madison ain't yo' brotha',
    They say its cool hip and fly,
    Those krackas should get popped and die!

    So stand! Jump! Wave yo' arms about!
    Damn federalists don't know what they talkin' about!
    uh! uh! uh!
    We indepoendents states!
    Where my states at? Where my states at? Put yo hands up.

    No bill of rights,
    No sleepless nights,
    Get empowerd!
    Fight the government coward!

    Washington's the guv'ment's pimp!
    That Constitution? A stupid gimp!
    Powdad wigs ain't so cool!
    Afro puffs! Now we talkin' old school!
    To their damn constitution;

    And here's the chorus I added (feel free to insert it between every second verse, or wherever you feel is appropriate):

    Old School rap, Old School rap
    Rewritin' the Constitution with Old School rap
    Old School rap, Old School rap
    We'll find the solution in Old School rap.

    Stuff I want to buy:
    Clone by Leo Kottke
    Ghost World
    Ghost World Soundtrack
    Robert Crumb Comix
    Life of Pi
    Spirited Away
    Cowboy Bebop
    Machina II

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