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I wanna fix things with my bare hands.... or maybe my toes..... possibly my esophagus whenever possible.
I throw a mean cowchip.... and I heave a good midget when I can.
Pleasant Plains HS, Pleasant Plains IL, Class of 2001. Come to Illinois and see our corn, our corn, and our corn.
Napster.... why the hell didn't I think of it first???
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Bert is Evil!
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I'm just a teenager doing what a teenager should: accomplish nothing and have very little effect on anything or anybody.

To quote the great Jerry Seinfeld: "You wanna know what guys are thinking? I'll tell ya......... Nothin'..... Nope! We're just walkin' around, lookin' around..." I think that basically says it. I'm not an idiot, I just choose not to think when I don't have to. Makes things easier if you ask me!

(Is there a reason the submit button on the 'edit profile' page says "stumbit"?)