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Health, chess, and getting the job done.
A reporter in a small town.
Listen to those who shout - and you may hear for the first time you enjoy silence.
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All constructive feedback you send me on any nodes, will result in an upvote on 1-5 of your recent nodes depending on my remaining votes and helpfulness.

If I was measured by my top three nodes, they would be: en passant, The Pirate Bay, and The difference between a road and a street.

I am a factual writer who favors other factuals. However, writers like jessicaj who post well thought out, in depth stories deserve more readership. When you get bored of reading my factuals, go read her Preparatory school, and Days when art is too much to bear, and other writeups.

    Categorized nodes, so you can find what you like to read easier:

    Best non-categorized Factuals
    1. Salafi - a crazy terrorist group? Or a peaceful Islam way of thought?
    2. The difference between a road and a street - Wait... there is a difference?
    3. Backpack Journalism - New era journalism.
    4. Jazz Journalism and Penny Press - Old eras of journalism.
    5. wet your whistle - The truth about mugs and whistles.
    6. Madagascar - Africa's favorite island.

    1. Taiwan - political identity crisis, Taiwanese or Chinese?
    2. universal health care - An essay on the problem and the necessity of change.
    3. oil shale - Utah holds the most oil in the world.
    4. Subsidy - A position against government subsidies, unique analysis on biofuels.
    5. Ex parte Quirin - Supreme Court case that needs overturning so Guantanamo bay will cease to exist and presidential powers are limited back to "normal." And so Bush stops abusing powers.
    6. Perversity Thesis - Some reactionary's point of view on how change is bad.
    7. My Papa's Waltz - why this poem is probably not about abuse.
    8. Justinian and his Attendants - art analysis.
    9. Political culture - Individualistic, Moralistic, Traditionalistic.
    10. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? - The unresolvable loop.
    11. The Economist versus TIME Magazine - It's like comparing apples and oranges.

    Flat out interesting
    1. Scaramanga - Breast generation, Third nipples, and wtf its called Scaramanga.
    2. Dry drowning - Death after choking in water, after exiting water.
    3. Four day work week - Maybe soon for us all, a three day weekend.
    4. The Davy Crockett Weapon System - Who wouldn't want a nuclear bazooka?
    5. The Pit of Life and Death - The green monster's backyard.
    6. Psuedo Seizure - Worst day of my life thanks to an ex-girlfriend faking a seizure.
    7. Anal seepage - lol lol lol.

    1. hydrogenation - Trans fats are bad for you. Too bad you still use margarine any way.
    2. triglyceride - When carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen come together.
    3. Denaturation - Uncoiling of proteins, leads to digestion.
    4. Remedies for a sore throat - Cayenne pepper seems to do the trick.
    5. nail biting - why and how not.
    6. Sea Buckthorn - Golden berry in Chinese/Russian mountains.
    7. Goji Berries - Crimson berry from the Himalayan Mountains and the valleys of Tibet.
    8. fucoidan - Brown seaweed, might cure cancer.
    9. Gac - Deep orange spiny fruit from China.
    10. Acai - Dark purple berry from the Amazon Rain Forest
    11. eXfuze - 7 antioxidant/botanical drink.

    1. The Pirate Bay - Largest torrent search engine.
    2. captcha - those annoying generators you have to type in to prove your human to create an account.
    3. Spybot - Good spyware cleaner.
    4. Hiren's BootCD - has spybot among other cleaners and repair software.
    5. Windows Vista - The switch is inevitable, you might as well read up.
    6. Vuze - Former torrent downloading king.
    7. uTorrent - Current torrent downloading king.
    8. Reformatting a hard drive - It's easier than you think.
    9. Disabling the clicking sound from Internet Explorer - Although I use Mozilla, I had to stop the chicken from clucking.
    10. iMacros - best web browser addon ever created (scripts).

    1. En passant - The hardly known chess move.
    2. Teaching chess - enjoyable by chess and non-chess players alike.
    3. Schoolhouse Chess - Largest after school program in Utah.
    4. Damiano's Defense - Sweet opening trap on move two. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f5 followed by 3. Nxe5.
    5. The Opposition, King vs King and single pawn - Color theory.
    6. Marshall counter-attack - how to beat the Roy Lopez.
    7. Philidor position - Similar to Lucena position. But it should be a draw.
    8. Blitz chess tournament - Peculiar rules.

    Random Vocab
    1. grotty - No, its not an Irish war-cry.
    2. jailbait - Don't do it, she's jailbait.
    3. Colpocoquette - She has a rack, and she knows it.

    1. Determine The Relationship - Bringing up the DTR can be... challenging.
    2. Busses - Not the wheels on the bus go round and round, rather, your lips do.
    3. Butterfly kisses - Eyelashes can be erotic.
    4. Kissing tips - Kissing isn't natural for everybody.

    1. Hillary Clinton
    2. Louis Brandeis
    3. Kevin Sites
    4. Richard B. Cheney
    5. Olive Riley
    6. Niall Ferguson
    7. Joseph Nye
    8. Toots and the Maytals
    9. The Fat Boys
    10. The Waterboys
    11. Oedipus
    12. C.S. Lewis
    13. Eugene V. Debs

    1. Taiwan - political identity crisis, Taiwanese or Chinese?
    2. Gerrymandering - redistricting of voting districts for the purpose of winning an election.
    3. The Federalist Papers - Four of these explain the Senate and House of Representatives
    4. US political party coalitions - Demographics, ideologies, and voting patterns.
    5. Nomination process for US presidents - From conventions to primaries.
    6. Agroterrorism - Food attacked by terrorists.
    7. Plantation effect
    8. political culture - A different PC term.
    9. oil shale - More oil in rock than in liquid form.
    10. Universal Health Care - A look at the benefits.
    11. Hillary Clinton - Woman with pant-suits.
    12. Incarceration - Jail time.
    13. judicial activism - Legislating from the bench.
    14. Ex parte Quirin - Guantanamo Bay judicial decree.
    15. Certiorari - Court term.
    16. actus reus - Court term.
    17. Genetically modified food - GM labels a must.
    18. Eugene V. Debs - The great socialist.
    19. Writing MUN Policy - Model United Nations helpful tips.
    20. Electoral College - The elite way to elect a president.

  • voting, by kozmund. Probably my favorite node on e2 of all times.

I've always liked to write, it was just a matter of time and experience.

Don't attempt to even try "Following the lord without offending the devil."

    Random Facts:
  1. I've never broken a bone. Though I've cracked more than anyone I know. Then again I tell really bad jokes...
  2. Attitude isn't my biggest problem, it's people like you who don't get it.
  3. Whatever works I'll work for it - because it works for me. Furthermore if it takes one person to start a job, do it yourself; If it takes two people to start a job, hire two people or find another job.
  4. My grandpa died on my Senior Ball day May 1st of 2004. I found out about his death while right across the street from his old barber shop.
  5. I think Ecofeminism should take over the world. Everyone should wear a dress or skirt, and I'm not talking about kilts.
  6. I was a sterling scholar in speech and drama and now am on the WSU (Weber) debate team.