colpocoquette (KAHL-puh-koh-KET) (plural colpocoquettes)
A woman who knows she has an attractive bosom and makes good use of its allure. Often for personal gain with heterosexual men.

Colpocoquette is a French derivation and serves as an English noun.

"A 'coquette' in French is a girl that pays a whole lot of attention to her appearance in order to lure men. By extension, a coquette is one who usually flaunts her breasts. Now one can also link colpocoquette with -colpo- which in Italian is 'a blow, a shock which makes a strong impression.' It is the Latin root of the French word "coup." In Italian we also say 'colpo d'occhio' when a men glances at a woman's breasts..." (Mouesh)

Porn Star Aria Giovanni is a great example of colpocoquette, for a picture click:

Here's the sad part. If you actually have the sexual nerve to call a woman a colpocoquette, it just sounds like an insult, no way you're going to get between that bosom. That is, unless you have the ability to pass off the French accent. But at that point, it wouldn't matter what words you were speaking, you'll get some any way.

Scenario One
"Hello. My name is insert name here, you're a colpocoquette."

"Why yes I am. This will cost you a hundred dollars."

It seems that if the girl knows what the word actually means, they're probably apt to be one. Further, if they are one, it's not free boobies for you. They're in it for "personal gain" remember?

Scenario Two
"Hello colpocoquette."

"Wtf did you just call me?

You might as well just say nice breasts when you walk up to an ample bosom'd woman...

Colpocoquette has 13 letters, creating 11 other words from the same ordered letters but chopped up, and has no straight up anagrams. Longest word derived from the ordered letters is coquet.

Apparently Colpocoquette is a popular username for blogging, among other things. I just hope the users are females...


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