I can agree with most of the comments made about the movie here. Overall I enjoyed movie very much, it was not a great movie but it was well worth watching. There was only one thing in the entire movie that truly annoyed me; we’ll get to that in awhile.

I have been reading the comic since issue X-Men #1, overall the characters as portrayed in the movie are as true to their comic book counterparts as I could expect; with one major exception and a number of minor ones.

Hugh Jackman’s, Wolverine, comes across a little too nice, but otherwise does such a great job that I don’t mind. Jackman had what I consider the best role in the movie and he made the most of it. Jackman’s Wolverine was better than I had hoped.

As for Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier, the role seems underdeveloped, while Stewart is a great actor and I can’t even imagine a better Charles Xavier; the Xavier I know is so much more complex, the movie gives us only the merest hint of who Xavier really is. But at least Xavier’s character as developed in the movie does not contradict that developed in the comics.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mystique has the best female role in the movie, despite Anna Paquin having more on screen time. Mystique is the strongest female character in the X-Men movie, and I think the best actress as well, though that hard to be sure of considering much of her on screen time was special effects.

Anna Paquin’s, Rogue was indecisive, and weak. This is in character considering that this is a very young Rogue, one who has yet to acquire, Carroll Danver’s powers, of super strength, invulnerability, and flight. In the comics Rogue began as a villain, a member of Mystique's Freedom Force. Overwhelmed by Ms. Marvel mind and powers she comes to the X-Men for help. This backstory is not even hinted at in the movie dispite Mystique also being in the movie.

Famke Jackson does a good job as Jean Grey, but again I would have liked her character to be more fully developed.

Halle Berry’s Storm, of all the female characters is the worst developed. She gets what is arguably the worst line in the movie, and comes across as a bad actress. What really bothers me about this is that I know she is a good actress, almost a great one, she has proved this in other roles and other movies. I’ll give her that she looks the part; Storm has always struck me as being incredibly regal and beautiful, and Halle Berry as Storm has no problem being beautiful.

Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto, well he nailed the character, the special effects of his abilities were great. The only thing missing was the raw physical power that Magneto radiates. Sir Ian is simply too physically frail to play Magneto as imaged in the comics. Not a big deal.

Tyler Mane's portral of Sabretooth is the main thing that annoyed me about the movie; the best I can say is that he looks the part. Sabretooth in the comics is the worst homicidal manic you can imagine, he makes Wolverine look like a Sunday school preacher. This guy was a wimp. Sabretooth is a homicidal manic, a smart, mean, wiseass of a homicidal manic; or as Devon Hart says in his Wolverine writeup "Creed is a full-bore, mushroom-cloud-layin' sociopath with zero regard for human life". In the movie Magneto asks Sabretooth to stand guard over him while he is helpless, no way anyone in their right mind would ask that of the real Sabertooth unless they wanted to be gutted on the spot.