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This has got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard on E2:

<Roninspoon> I once heard Coltrane play a sack of drowning kitens and make it sound like an itlian choir. Simply amazing. He finished the piece by betinghte kittens into silence with a bag of door knobs.
The spelling is Roninspoon's, the hard-links are mine.

(/me wants to meet sensei) /Me got to meet sensei!!!... /me misses sensei...

I am the original Halfling-at-Large*.

I maintain several websites devoted to Amtgard, a medieval fantasy Live-action Roleplaying game, and some of my other websites have been listed in the Everquest strategy guides.
Hey - that's almost like being published, right?
Obviously, I play RPGs and video games, but not so obviously, I am currently in long-term development on a MMORPG. I'd like to make something that people like to play.
I am currently working as an NT Administrator for a tax company, and eventually hope to develop my long nascent writing career. I'm also the co-author, web-designer, programmer and colourer for a web-comic called Finkorama ( Don't ask me how old I am - just be satisfied that I'm a Child of the Eighties.

You want to contact me? Try here:

If "Snicker_Furfoot" is too long to type, you can /msg sf instead!

    AIM: SnickerF (be patient)
    ICQ: 1158316 (ditto)

Since joining E2, I've met several helpful, fun, and interesting people. Here's a small sample:
Jet-Poop, WonkoDSane, GirlsDontLikeMe, Rancid Pickle, anotherone, --OutpostMir--, Andara, and Wuukiee
I'll add more as I meet you all =)

And these are a couple of my friends that I've tortured into joining here:
Sorsha and Layora.

*Halfling-at-Large: That's me. Snicker Furfoot. The original Halfling-at-Large. I say original, because for a little while, there was someone else claiming the title. I don't know why anyone else would want to be, but hey, there're weirdos everywhere.
To explain the title - in Amtgard I play a silly little Halfling Bard, named Snicker Furfoot (what a coincidence, eh?). Amtgard is a LARP, and so there is some element of suspension of disbelief involved. Unfortunately, I am a rather tall person to be playing a Halfling (not so tall for a Human, though), so I had to come up with an explanation: my character's parents - one is a Harfoot, the other, a Tallfellow. Thus, I am a rather large Halfling. And since I am usually on the run from one angry person or other, I am also at large...

Incidentally, I am also a Herald. Herald's don't pun. They cant.