Some people apparently read daylogs. Can’t say that I do, unless they’re linked from somewhere else. In any case, I recently checked the two logs I have made. Boy, was I in a bad state then! Now however, things are looking better. Most parts of my life are infinitely more successful than a year or two ago. That’s nice. The only thing still lacking is a girlfriend. I thought that I would quickly turn in to someone really desperate. That hasn’t happened (yet). Apparently I never was one for the short term relationships or one night stands (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Nice to know! Anyway, I enrolled in a French course at University. The official reason being that French is good to know in a competitive market place. The unofficial (and true) reason being that I wanted to meet some new people. And I did.

The nice thing with taking French, as opposed to say … engineering, is the girl/boy-quotient. One girl in particular made French grammar worth its while. She asked me if I wanted to accompany her to her church. I (though not very religious but with deep Christian roots) had no problem with this. That experience was… interesting. So the natural question arose: Was she flirting or was she just trying to get me to church? At first I didn’t believe anything. Then I used the theory “What would it mean if I said and did what she said and did?”. That was frightening, cause I’m not one to just invite people and be nice to them. So I looked for the advice of friends. In one corner a was a guy, always finding the positive angle. In the other corner a girl, keeping my feet on the earth. As a wild card my sister-in-law entered the stage. She was on the far side of ultra-positive. Entertaining, to say the least.

But, advice only goes so far. During this I had been doing some careful flirting, though I hardly think she noticed it. I needed to start seeing some sort of reaction. And I got it without doing anything. We had had an ongoing discussion regarding religion (well, Christianity, but never mind) and one day she suggested we skipped French to get a cup of coffee and talk some more, though she added some lines in her SMS.
Translated from the original Swedish:
“…I want to make something clear first. I hope you don’t think I flirt or have flirted with you. I like you a lot as a friend but nothing more. Just so there aren’t any misunderstandings :-)”

Ack! Oh well. We had a nice talk anyway and you can’t get depressed over every cute girl who likes you a lot, even if it is just as a friend.

This is so narcissistic that I scare myself, but I like keeping track of my mental state. If you read this far: I’m sorry ;-)