I hate the DNC

In 2000, the democratic party ran a centrist campaign with a completely uninspired presidential candidate who, during the campaign, seemed to agree with the (much more charismatic) republican candidate on most issues. Then the democrats lost, and decided to blame the whole thing on Ralph Nader.

Now, in 2004, after fielding yet another uninspiring candidate who went all over the board on most issues (yes, the republicans were absolutely right about that) and had a wishy-washy, often insulting stance on gay rights and the war, among other things -- and who claimed to be several things he was not (a fiscal conservative, anyone?) -- after all that, the democrats are now insisting that the blame lies not with them for running a crappy campaign, but instead (since Nader turned out not to be a factor) lies with Gavin Newsom, that San Francisco mayor who allowed gay couples to marry.

Granted, I'm not politically naive. Of course that affected the voter turnout of the religious right, particularly in the 11 states where gay marriage bans were on the ballot.

But you can't bullshit a bullshitter either. The democrats needed a scapegoat, and the fact that they didn't didn't seem too worried about this guy until after the election results came in suggests to me that they're just full of shit. Brimming over with the proverbial feces.

Jerks. You know what, Ah-nold was right about the democrats, they are a bunch of "Girly-men." Stupid fucking wishy-washy assholes.

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