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According to estimates by a Flash-thingie on the official site of Six feet Under I have somewhere between 55 and 110 years left to live (2004), depending on whether I exercise every day or just a few times per week and if I don't drink at all or if I have a glass of wine every now and then. It's the little things I guess.
I’m Swedish since many generations, male and healthy. This adds up to me not having very much at all to complain about, in the grand scale of things.

Today I finally got fed up with reading about Creationism vs. Evolution and various other religiously related stuff. I tried for a while to fit in with my family and with a girl, but those things shouldn't really be reached for. I find that fanatics of religion as well as of atheism turns my stomach.
Today I read Linda Gronlund and that might have been the most powerful thing I've read in quite a while.

Accomplished so far : Haven't accidentally killed myself yet, although I try by riding my bike far to carelessly. I've almost managed to get a fairly thorough education (any year now...). I've lived in eight places in six cities in four countries on two continents. Acquired five jobs. Had two comics turned down for publication. Been in love four times. Had one serious relationship which lasted very long, or far too long, depending on my emotional state of the day. Learned French. Driven a fire truck.
Update November 29, 2006: These days I try to kill myself by moped instead of bike. Moved in with a nice girl who both cooks and massages. Aquired three more jobs of which the last one is actually kind of good. Still no exam though... Pending: ...
Left to accomplish : ...
Yeah, I erased those. They were silly and it's always cumbersome to define ones goals and ambitions beforehand. Much better to define them when they're already accomplished.