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Noded under duress, anger not The Gods nor The Hand That Rocks The Cradle!

It all started Friday afternoon with the arrival of Teh Co-Conspirators: Wuukiee, mcc, and their puppy Java, from the strange land called Indiana. They arrived as the sun was beginning to set, and they found me relaxing from furious hours spent in last-minute preparations. Hot on their heels was the last remaining Co-Conspirator, Teh briarcub, released at last from the cruel clutches of work.

Next to arrive was Teh vandewal, who was quickly ushered into the den of iniquity. He seemed a reasonably likeable fellow, who was perhaps not quite prepared for the pagan rites that were to ensue over the weekend.

Once everyone had his or her choice of drink in hand, Briarcub started concocting the witches’ brew for our dinner. The Wuukiee and I hopped on my broom and made a run to a place of evil for some last-minute ingredients. Upon our return, the dinner was served, with no casualties. We settled back, full of pasta, and got back to yakking and drinking and watching the cats trying to deal with Java.

The doorbell rang! Not trick-or-treaters, but … more noders … from our St. Louis office this time. It was another ninjagirl: Teh LaggedyAnne! She was accompanied by her faithful acolyte, Teh Amib.

Then, wonderfully close to the witching hour, came a Godly Presence: Teh Apatrix and his travelling companion and disciple, Teh fair lady Gwenllian. We still entertained hopes of more noders arriving, hopes that were sadly not to be realized. But no matter – we now had a small yet tasteful group assembled. We even had a small deployment of Ninjagirls – Laggy, Gwen, and The Wuuk!

We spent the rest of the evening still doing what noders do at a nodermeet: drinkin’, chattin’, smokin’, talkin' about E2, and Having Good Time!


Saturday morning may have dawned at some point, but none of us were up early enough to know for sure. I arose and, hearing voices, staggered down the stairs and was greeted by a burst of applause. The applause ended abruptly when everyone got a closer look at me, since I’m not exactly a pretty sight first thing in the morning.

Nonetheless, I gave them my best Queen Mother wave, staggered on to the kitchen, and started cooking. Breakfast brunch was soon served, pancakes made with yclept’s super-duper sourdough starter. The pancakes certainly got everyone started in one way or another.

It was about that point that Gwen whipped out her Fluxx deck, and soon the game had drawn in all those able to think clearly (aided by repeated transfusions of Tim Hortons coffee). Meanwhile, Les Ninjagirls, having decided that we needed a few things, got on their brooms and headed for the nearest grocery. They soon returned with the necessary provisions for lunch and a few tasty extras. The Ninjagirls took over the kitchen and made up some kick-ass brownies and Gwen’s famous Russian Cream.

As night fell, our friend Kent, though not a noder (I’ll have to work on him), joined us and fit right in to the bunch. Some of us elected to forego the Neverwhere showing and just chat (and drink), while Briarcub organized the massive Carcassonne game . Space was cleared on the floor and soon the game was underway. It now being dinnertime, what else could it be but pizza! Gwen, having arisen from her afternoon nap, made up a few pitchers of her famous “mix” and soon more drinks were flowing.

The Carcassonne game went on, and those of us not playing camped out in the front room. We watched as a pile of Ninjagirls loaded up our futon … which promptly broke under the strain of so much fabulousness! Of course, by this time, we were far too drunk to care, so we did the only thing we could do: decamped to the floor, and kept drinkin’ and chattin’. The Carcassonne game went on. We even managed to wear out the normally energetic mcc. We had to confiscate amib’s phone though … but it was for his own good (and our sanity).

Finally, someone noticed that the sun was coming up, so as one we decided a bit of sleep might be a Good Thing.


Late Sunday morning, as soon as we all felt human again, it was time to say goodbye to Apatrix and Gwenllian, who wanted to get an early start given the long drive they faced. Vandewal and Kent departed us soon afterward. The rest of us had a bit of lunch and gradually recovered from the previous night’s debauchery. Java was ready for his walk, so Wuukiee, Laggy, and I took him to see the sights of Heyworth. As you might suspect, that didn’t take long.

We returned and headed up to the ritual room for a few Tarot readings, joined by mcc and briarcub. The nodermeet came to its all-too-soon end with the departure of LaggedyAnne and amib, followed by Wuukiee, mcc, and Java (once they realized they were driving the wrong way).

Gods, that was fun. Fun. FUN. I’ll do it again in six months, if Tom will let me. Thanks to my co-conspirators and big thanks to everyone that showed up!


And ... coming in 2005 ... Children of the Corny 2!

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